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How to Choose the Perfect House near Ottawa?

How to Choose the Perfect House near Ottawa?

Browsing for home for sale on the Ottawa MLS Listings services is convenient and for many a fun way to look for a new home. Every home buyer with a few exceptions starts out their house hunting looking for the perfect house. When you are online and searching for houses for sale in Barrhaven for example, you will see dozens of properties available. But how to choose the best houses to visit and then to buy?

The most straightforward way to organize your house hunting is to create a check list. On this list you should first write down the amount you want to or comfortable able to pay for a property. Next narrow down the areas you are looking at. If you search for houses for sale in Barrhaven you should narrow it down to 2-3 specific neighbourhoods within that large suburb. 

Other factors your checklist should include are:

  1. When you want to move in other words take possession.
  2. How many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, including master bathrooms.
  3. Style and type of house you decided on, whether it is a bungalow, 2 or 3 storey house, single family home or a town home.
  4. Decide if you want a condo townhouse or a freehold house.
  5. Decide on the location. Drive around the various neighbourhoods first and see which areas you prefer. Do you like living close to shopping or prefer a quiet mature street? Do you want the house to be located near to bus stops or schools or parks?
  6. Do you have any specific must have or nice to haves that you want in your new home? Think of such amenities as an inground swimming pool, finished basement, nanny suite or true two car garage.

After you created this simple checklist contact a great, local real estate agent. Assuming you already talked with a mortgage broker and you are financially pre-approved, the Realtor will do the following.

The real estate agent will take your checklist and input every parameter into the Ottawa MLS listings platform. Once that is done you will see all the houses for sale in Barrhaven that match all the criteria. You can then go through each home listing one by one. You will soon realize if the price range that you received from the mortgage broker or bank allows you to buy a home with all the amenities you want. If yes great, the next step is to start visiting the homes in person.

Most often however, the buyers realize that they have to compromise. This is when a great real estate agent will truly help you. She will be able to explain what is realistic at that moment in that real estate market. If the market is hot and homes sell fast, at or above asking price you may have to make some more drastic changes to your must have or nice to have features. If the real estate market is a buyers’ market it may be possible to negotiate a great price or find a home that includes more amenities.

The next crucial step to find the perfect home is to choose the houses you want to see. If the market is hot you do not want to waste much time. Ask your real estate agent to make the appointments and see the homes. As you go through looking at the houses focus on the important factors such as, location, price, condition, size and layout. You cannot change the size of the backyard so if that is a major factor then simply eliminate the homes that do not have the right size. Try always to narrow down the number of potential candidates as new homes will come onto the Ottawa MLS listings platform daily. Houses for sale in Barrhaven tend to sell fast on average within a week in 2019. In effect, if you wait a week you will probably not find any of the homes you liked a week or two ago. They would be sold.

When you found the home you really liked and can afford ask your agent to put in an offer on your behalf. An offer generally has conditions that protect the home buyer. There are conditions on the buyer inspecting the property, the buyer’s lawyer reviewing the Sales Agreement and so on. Having a conditionally accepted offer is not a final sale so in effect, you simply reserved the home for yourself so others cannot buy it until the deadline in the Agreement.

Follow these logical steps and you will be in a much better position to find your ideal house.

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