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How to Choose the Best Free Themes for Windows 10

How to Choose the Best Free Themes for Windows 10

Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of the best and most widely used operating systems worldwide. Out of all the Windows versions, Windows 10 happens to be our favorite. (Yes, you got to agree on this) 

Windows 10 comes power-packed with a bunch of useful features that takes innovation and security to a whole new level. So, as Windows 10 holds a special place in our lives, why not revamp its look by downloading a few attractive themes? 

Here are some of the best free themes for Windows 10 that you can grab online to customize your Windows 10 environment as per your taste and preference to give it a fresh new look.

Let’s get started.

How to Customize Windows 10 Interface

Windows 10 offers a bunch of personalization options that can instantly change the entire look of your Windows interface by making a few tweaks in settings.

Right-click on the desktop and tap on “Personalize”. Slide over to the left-hand side menu pane and switch to the “Themes” section.

Here you will see a bunch of default Windows themes offered by Microsoft. But here comes the good news! 

Windows 10 Interface

Windows 10 also allows you to download free themes for Windows 10 from the web so that you can revamp the look and feel of the Windows environment based on your taste and preference. 

How to Download Free themes windows 10 from Windows Store

To install Free themes windows 10 from the Windows Store, tap on the “Get more themes online” option. 

You’ll be redirected to Microsoft’s official website from where you can download a bunch of new attractive themes for your Windows. 

Free themes windows 10

Hit the “Get more themes” button to personalize your Windows 10 environment. 

Also, apart from the default Windows 10 themes offered by Microsoft, you can also pick a few customized themes online and install it on your PC. 

Best Free Themes for Windows 10 You Can Find Online

Here are a bunch of attractive themes that can entirely revamp the look of your Windows 10 interface. Follow these quick steps to install these themes on your system.

Hover Dark Aero Theme

This is one of the most loved and widely used themes that can give your Windows a dark-classy look. In order to download this theme, first, install “UX Theme Patcher” on your system. Once you’ve successfully downloaded it on your system, you will be easily able to run and install third party theme files on your Windows PC. 

UX Theme Patcher

Image Source: Tricks n Tech

After this, download the theme file for Hover Dark Aero and navigate to “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes” this location and paste the downloaded theme file in the “Themes” folder. 



Yes, by downloading this theme you can enjoy a macOS-like environment on your Windows 10 system. You can easily transform your Windows into a MacBook by installing the macDock theme. 

Simply download the .exe theme file and paste it to “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes” location. Once the theme file has been copied in the “Themes” folder, you will see that particular theme listed in Windows 10 personalization Settings. 

Joker Theme

Image result for joker theme for windows 10

The release of the “Joker” film this year created a lot of buzz in the movie industry. The character of Joker played by “Joaquin Phoenix” is one of the most loved villains amongst the millennials. So, if you’re a Joker fan, why not revamp your Windows in the Joker theme? 

Ghostly Pink

Ghostly Pink

The Ghostly Pink theme can literally turn your Windows into a dark-mean machine. If you prefer dark mode over the default white theme offered by Windows, then you can absolutely fall in love with this theme. This theme covers a uniquely beautiful combination of black and pink colors to give your Windows a dark smoky look. 

Winter Trees

Image result for winter tree themes for windows 10

The holiday season is just a few days away. So, why not dress up our Windows 10 environment with a bunch of beautiful Winter trees? 

PUBG Skins

Theme screenshot #11

PUBG has been one of the most trending online multi-player games which have kept almost every one glued to our smartphone for endless hours. If you’re a PUBG fanatic, download this PUBG theme to turn your Windows device into a Battle Royale platform. 

P.S. Before you begin downloading any theme file on Windows, make sure you’ve already installed UX Theme Patcher on your system. After downloading the theme patcher, you simply have to copy and paste the .exe theme file at C:\Windows\Resources\Themes” location. 

Well, you know the drill, right?


Here were some of the best free themes for Windows 10 if you’re looking to jazz up the interface in a fresh new look. There are a plethora of online websites offering hundreds of unique themes to spice up your Windows 10’s environment. Pick any theme as per your liking and revamp your Windows 10 system in a whole new mood and style. 

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