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How to choose the best honeymoon package in Mussoorie at budget prices

How to choose the best honeymoon package in Mussoorie at budget prices

Tourism has been the backbone of the Himalayas for a long span of years and Mussoorie is one such Himalayan destination that has been in the list of all tourists. This has helped the booming economy of this region and resulted in a number of budget hotels and luxurious hotels. Besides this Mussoorie is also a very well-known honeymoon destination for a huge group of Indian people.  So, if you have been looking for Mussoorie honeymoon package then here are a few things worth considering. 

Most romantic destination 

Mussoorie is definitely one of the most romantic destinations out there. This is because of the fact that this little hill station in the lap of the Himalayas and you can just settle in a romantic hotel from where you can enjoy the beauty of the place and yet relax in the hotel. So, make sure you choose the correct hotel to live in especially if you are going on a honeymoon and want some relaxing romantic time in the hotel. Some hotels like hotel ashirwad Mussoorie has some really cool sceneries so you check it out. 

How to get a cheap honeymoon package in Mussoorie 

It cannot be denied that Mussoorie is more popular than other hill stations and that makes it more expensive than the others. You can still end up at a cheaper package. To do so you need to make your bookings well in advance. This will help you to get a cheaper package. Besides if you want you can make a booking in the off seasons like in the winter and rainy seasons then also you can get a much cheaper package. So accordingly, you can visit the hill station. The advantage of Mussoorie is that it is worth visiting all year round so choose any season.

How to reach Mussoorie by rail and air? 

The nearest railway station to Mussoorie is Dehradun which is about 37kms from Mussoorie and the nearest airport is the jolly grant airport that is about 58 km from Mussoorie and you can choose either way to reach the city. You can easily get a taxi or a bus from the railway station or airport so you need not worry about those. From Mussoorie, you can visit a number of nearby places and even go for trekking. There is a lot to do so do not worry about that. The rail route is much cheaper and preferred by many tourists since the rail route itself is very pretty and worth spending your time in the train. So, if you are an adventure lover then it is better to choose the rail route.

Thus, if you have been planning a visit to Mussoorie and looking for a cheaper honeymoon package then follow the above-mentioned tips and it will be an easy job to reach Mussoorie. The transportation to and from this place is also pretty commendable despite the fact that this is a hill station. If you have not been to this hill station before then make sure you plan a trip soon.

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