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How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass for Your House

How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass for Your House

If you are a homeowner who has a constant struggle with trying to keep your grass growing consistently, you have probably wondered at some point or another if it is worth it to invest in artificial grass. While artificial grass comes with a slightly hefty price tag, the upfront price justifies the long term implications on maintenance upkeep in terms of labor and maintenance costs. So, if this sounds appealing to you and you have the capital and don’t mind something fake covering your entire property then you should definitely consider this investment.

However, it is important to note that there are many artificial lawn companies out there that try to sell you what you want to believe is a universal product. Therefore, you should just invest in the cheapest quote you can buy. However, this is the contrary as there are many critical components to the installation of an artificial lawn, from the material they use, to how it is installed. So, don’t just low bid and expect the final product to turn out great. You need to keep in mind these factors.

Different Blades of Grass to Choose From

You should keep in mind that, there are different types of grass blends that are used in artificial grass that have different colors, lengths, and consistencies. For example, you can have golf grass that resembles the short thin grass used on putting greens, or a regular grass that is still at a very short length of 1-2 centimeters.

If you like that more natural look that is common at homes, you can also get a standard 4-centimeter blade length grass that looks less like a sports turf and more like a natural fresh-cut lawn. Some people even like a turf that has a little bit of brown grass that provides that natural imperfection look. A company like can provide all these varieties. A company like Tami-grass can provide all these varieties.

How Do I Know Which Grass to Choose?

If you do not have an idea in mind of what kind of grass will work best for you, then here are some things to consider. If you expect to use your lawn for a lot of sports activity, whether its soccer, or golf, or even bocce, you will want to consider a true sports turf grade lawn. These are the lawns as mentioned are common on the green at a golf course, with blades no taller than a centimeter. This allows optimal movement for athletes and any ball along with your lawn.

If your lawn is more for aesthetic than use, then it is recommended you go with that more natural artificial lawn product, a 2-4 centimeter lawn that always resembles something fresh cut. If you expect to use your lawn for both aesthetic as well as activity, then a good happy medium is a 2-centimeter blade. That way your lawn will look like something finely cut, yet not look like your house is the middle of golfing green. Either way, the maintenance on either product is low to none and so you cannot go wrong with whatever you decide.

Installation Process is Key

When artificial turf is delivered, it usually comes in large rolls, and then laid out one roll at a time adjacent to each other. However, some knock off companies may just roll it down and not secure it, which can be dangerous. They will argue that there are enough friction and weight in the turf to prevent it from moving, but any lateral movement or strong winds can misalign your products and you will be dissatisfied quickly. Make sure whether you do it yourself or hire someone that you use an adhesive product and tape to secure these rolls together.


Investing in an artificial lawn can be an exciting investment, as you are paying for a maintenance-free lifestyle. Just keep in mind what you are looking for, and if you hire somebody to install, make sure they are doing it the right way.

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