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How to Check Google Drive Storage & Transfer Files Between Google Drive

How to Check Google Drive Storage & Transfer Files Between Google Drive

Here in this blog, you will know how to check Google Drive storage? Also learn here how to move all files from Google Drive account to another with the effective solutions.

Google Drive is a file storage service created by Google allow users to store files in cloud. A user can also share files, edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with the others. Google gives 15 GB free storage in total to every user, which is shared with the main used services Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos. If users wants more storage, need to pay some monthly amount to Google.

A Quick Way to Check Google Drive Storage

Now, you must be wondering how one can check their Google Drive storage. Here, in this section we are going to discuss some easy steps for the same:

1. Firstly, you go to Gmail and sign in with your valid email id

2. After loading the email, you can see your current storage space and usage space on the bottom of the left side.

3. Now, you can see the chart that describes the steps that if you want more storage so you can use that by purchasing the GB. And if you want to check the storage of the files, go to the View Details option.

4. You will see there how much space used by the drive for Gmail, Drive, Photos

As we discussed above that Google Drive provides 15 GB free storage space for their users. So, for more storage space users make use of their multiple account. This make it possible to transfer files from Google Drive to another account. Now, you are thinking that how to migrate Google Drive files from one account to other.

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How to Move Files from Google Drive to Another Google Drive?

Here are the solution that you can use to migrate the Google Drive files:

Solution1. Select the Share option of Google Drive

Now, follow the steps below and simply transfer your documents files in the new account. Step1. You have to log in your old Google Drive account, now select the files >> right-click on the Share option.

Step2. Now, enter the destination Google account address. Fill the new email address and go to the Advanced option.

Step3. You can see the arrow icon, click on Is owner, Now click on Send button

Step4: Now you can see these files in your new account with the name of My Drive.

Important Notes:   

1. When you do not select Is owner, the files will get under shared with me of your second account, and after when you adding in your second account as the collaborator through share icon.

2. And if you are selecting Is owner then the ownership will be migrate to the new google account, no one can change the share settings.

Solution2- Use Downloading and Uploading

Step1. Firstly, create a new folder in your old account and store all the files in root directory on your Google Drive.

Step2: Now, transfer all the files in New folder.

Step3. After this, right-click on the new folder and press Download. Now, waiting for the process.

Step4.   Now, you have to log in your new account and press on Upload and upload the downloaded zip. Or click on the Upload folder to add files in your new account. 

Above you saw the solutions which helps you to how to check the Google Drive storage and learn about the things step by step. If the size of data becomes larger then you need to switch the account. And the most important thing you cannot close the page until the process becomes completed.

Google Drive Migrator : A Professional Solution

As manual solution does not work in every possible solution when it comes to migrate data between Google Drives. Thus, it will be beneficial, if a user switch to a professional approach. Google Drive Migrator is one such application that can let users transfer files from Google Drive to Google Drive in a simplest way. It is one of the smartest application with multiple options to customize the migration process. It includes date filter, permission migration, and many more options for easy and fast migration.


There are many uses out there who are not sure about the available storage space of their Google Drive. Thus, keeping such common problem of user in mind, we have come up with a foolproof solution to check Google Drive storage. A user can try it and manage their storage space accordingly. Moreover, how a user can transfer files from Google Drive to another account in multiple ways is also covered here.

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