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How to change Yahoo Password?

How to change Yahoo Password?

Yahoo password is your key to all of the services provided by Yahoo, like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo games. Consequently, it is essential to choose a strong password to defend your personal information and email from the eyes of hackers. But every user once in a lifetime faces the forget password issue as it is a very common problem in every email account. Hence, the need arises to change or reset the password in order to keep the account safe.

Change Yahoo Password

To keep account safe from online threats and illegal access, the need of changing the Yahoo password arises. Moreover, in today’s groundbreaking world, everyone has several IDs and passwords, and there is a high chance to forget these passwords. In case you forget the password of your yahoo mail you can change it effortlessly. You can easily change the Yahoo password by performing the below-given steps.

  • First, visit the official page of Yahoo and click on the “Sign in” Icon.
  • Then log in to your Yahoo account as you usually do by entering  the Username and Password.
  • And then tap the “Profile” icon in the upper-right screen. If you’re using a mobile browser, just tap the Menu icon.
  • Then tap Account Info, situated under the profile name.
  • After that, tap ‘Account Security’ from the options given on the left side.
  • Now, you can enter the new password two times to confirm it. Make sure to use a brand-new and strong password, not one that could be easily hacked such as “password” or your birthday or your phone number.

That’s all. Your password will now be changed. Ensure that you log the password using a password manager, or use another method you to remember it. It can be problematic to recover access to your account if you forget the new password completely. Also, make sure to keep updating your password from time to time so that no illegal access is allowed. keep your recovery information updated as that is required to reset the password whenever you forget it.

If the email account is the fort, the password would be the main guard of your fort. So you need to arm your guard and made it strong as enemies can attack the fort anytime. Yahoo account is also facing several attacks by enemies like hackers and other online threats. The best thing you can do to secure the password, get updated. Yahoo drops several updates and security features to keep the users face from various online threats. So, you need to use the latest features such as account key, two-step verification and other useful tips given by Yahoo. Moreover, the Yahoo help center is also available to keep you informed regarding updates and also consists of recovery and safety manuals. Every Yahoo concern is deeply described on the website along with the answers. You can even talk to a Yahoo Representative by navigating the official support website of Yahoo.

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