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How to Celebrate Mom’s Birthday at Home During Lockdown

How to Celebrate Mom’s Birthday at Home During Lockdown

Everybody us in their house, no one can go outside. If you ask me, I am supporting the government. Because everything is happening for our safety. Now, we all are with our family at home. I know the whole world is suffering from a pandemic. But, we can try to be happy. I know we can not do social gatherings and parties. But still, you can celebrate your Mom’s birthday in a grand way. Now the question is how. Don’t worry, I have all the answers and solutions. Today, I will share everything. 

Q1. How to arrange a birthday cake?

Ans: I know all the bakeries are close. You can not order cake online in Bangalore. But without a Bloomsvilla birthday cake, how could anyone celebrate a birthday. Why not, this year you bake a cake for your mom. She does every time, now it’s your turn. Don’t worry, about the ingredients. You can make it with biscuits, milk sugar, the procedure is available online. You can decorate the cake with candy, chocolate, berries, and flowers. Now the birthday cake is ready. 

Q2. How to do decorations?

Ans: This is one of the toughest parts of the birthday. Now because we don’t have lots of things to decorate. But still, we can decorate beautifully. You must have Diwali lights, fresh flowers in your garden, candles, chart paper, colors, and clothes. You can use these things to do the decoration. If you will use these things systematically, and gracefully. Trust me, décor will look fabulous than regular décor. You can use your drawing room, terrace, garden, or any other room. It totally depends on you, where you want to celebrate. But I suggest using a terrace or garden. Because here mom will not come, so you can give her a surprise also. 

Q3. What about party music and light?

Ans: This is also one of the most important parts of the party. Don’t take stress, I have a solution to it. I’m sure you have speakers at your home. If you don’t have speakers, then you can use a laptop. If you don’t have a laptop then use an Android mobile phone. Play the same song in all the Mobile Phone of your home. When you will play the same song, the sound will already increase. Now, you can dance, you can enjoy it. If you want to do, something else. Then I have another, idea. Take earplugs, headphones, and put it in your ear. Play everybody the same song at the same time, and let’s do the dance. For light, you already have Diwali lights, candles so use it.

Q4. What about the delicious dinner?

Ans: Everybody is a chef, this lockdown prove it. So cook delicious dinner for your mom. She always does for you. There are lots of cookeries channel are available. Learn from them, if you don’t know cooking. There are lots of dishes that are easy to make. You can make paneer chili, dal makhani, Gulab Jamun, mango ice cream, pulao, rice fry, paneer payaja, noodles, bread pakora, etc.

Q5. How to buy a gift?

Ans: I’m sure in your local shop chocolates are definitely available. So you can gift her chocolate. In your garden definitely, flowers are available. You can make a birthday bouquet from the flowers. You can make beautiful cards like childhood, painting, permanent marker mug. You can make a photo frame, new clothes from old clothes. You can do many more things. These are easily available and loving. So I suggest to you. 

This year I thought, that I will surprise my mom to send online birthday cakes in Delhi. Let’s see it will be possible or not. If it will not possible, then I am going to use this plan. I said it will possible because my mom’s birthday, will come in after some months.  As we, all know our mom nothing wants, more than our happiness. But it’s our duty to take care, about her happiness. Now I have given you a car and also, taught you how to drive. Now the driving seat is all yours. I mean, you have ideas and plan to, now execute it. Make your mom’s birthday super special, and exciting.

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