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How To Capture Videos In Windows 10

How To Capture Videos In Windows 10

We have taken many screenshots from PC/Laptop and mobile devices to communicate when words aren’t enough to explain with other users. Capturing the screen of your PC/Laptop screen is as simple as taking a picture. Recording or video capture in Windows 10 is quite difficult, but Microsoft does make it possible through the in-built video capturing tool.

An inbuilt tool named Xbox from Microsoft built an app for Windows 10 that allows you to stream Xbox One games to your PC, shop at the Xbox Store, and record your gaming activity. This app’s Game DVR function can easily capture your gaming activity, but you can also capture any type of screen activity in Windows 10 and also, saves its image or video clip file.

There are many video recording software and also tools to capture scrolling screenshot and there are simpler methods to record your Windows 10 screen without installing any app. We have mentioned the in-built tool and video recording software for Windows 10 screen and let us know by choosing one of the best methods given below. Have a look.

1. Microsoft Inbuilt Tool- Xbox Gaming Bar

Most of us don’t know about the Microsoft in-built tool Xbox Gaming Bar option in settings. You can access this feature by going to Settings(from Start Menu), which has a gaming section.

You will see a Game bar opened up and set as Default for you, which shows in control options. Make sure, you need to Toggle the switch ON for Record screenshots, game clips and broadcast using a Game bar.

Also, you will see a lot of Keyboard Shortcuts, including recording, opening game bar, recording the game & broadcasting, taking screenshots. Along with the Microphone, you can turn on and off and camera to appear in the broadcast.

When you press Windows Key + G, it will show you a gaming bar with all the features. If you use it without playing any games, then the window will appear with various options. You will able to see the settings with the volume of your speaker and the Microphone can be adjusted here. You will explore more features that are available in the settings, go for it and add into your Xbox account.

Another great feature is to go to Capturing and there you can turn ON the option of recording live. This means the in-built app records the game on the screen while you are playing it.

Windows settings have a number of features like allowing it to show you tips, keeping a log of your game recordings and to recognize a game. Similarly, the Visuals settings of the Windows system let you make changes to the way it appears to you, the screen mode to be Dark, Light or Windows theme. The Broadcasting options allow you to change the broadcasting language.

2.TweakShot Capture

One of the fastest way and best video capture software to take screenshots, edit images, and capture full-screen videos, TweakShot Capture by Tweaking Technologies. With the easiest and user-friendly interface, you can easily capture videos in your system. You can also use this software to capture videos from YouTube, online class lectures, record web conferences or record a short video clip for troubleshooting, etc.

This tool can save your screenshots automatically with the folder named “TweakShot Screenshots” in your system. You can specify the particular area to be recorded, in a single window, full screen or a region. This tool help students and professionals and covers all screen capturing needs. You can take screenshots and then edit them in the in-built image editor and also you can trim the videos once the screen recording is saved.

Highlights of TweakShot Capture:

  • Takes screenshots

  • User-friendly interface

  • Choose from single window screen capture

  • Captures screen in full display mode

  • Record videos

  • Images and video editing tools

  • Records scrolling screens

  • Add Subtitles

Download TweakShot Capture from the official website for the Windows operating system.

We have listed the best video capture software or video recording software and inbuilt tool to capture videos in Windows 10. The above tools can be very helpful and you can use it when there is no internet connectivity. We would suggest trying both the tools and let us know or if you have any suggestions for video capture in Windows 10, feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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