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How to build a social media presence for your brand with the help of a creative advertising agency?

How to build a social media presence for your brand with the help of a creative advertising agency?

In today’s world, where thousands of entrepreneurs have emerged with popular brands and thousands more are planning to launch, there’s too, to look distinct amongst all these, your brand should have two things – quality and social media presence. 

If your brand has quality but no social media presence, then it might as well be labelled as “good for nothing.” Every brand to become famous and talk of the town needs to bring spotlight upon oneself. People nowadays are slowly active on every popular social media platforms, and businesses are booming since they are using the power of social media marketing. 

Whether your business is small or big, you have to employ a creative media agency like creative advertising NYC to create waves in the market.

Almost all prominent companies to make a place of their brand amongst people and to show what they are capable of offering, invests about 30 percent of their company’s total capital. If we take the example of Samsung, they spend about 1 billion dollars on a creative advertising agency per year.

An excellent creative advertising agency has a battalion of creative professionals who dabble on every SM platform and never ignores a single comment of their client’s brand; whether it’s positive or negative response, they act fast and accordingly.

They have constant surveillance on every share, like, dislike, concerns, the dissatisfaction that public share via social platforms.

Targeting the right audience: Creative agencies know that to make a brand accessible, it needs to get the attention of its target audience. While social media marketing, the choice of the right platform is essential, the creative agency ensures that you are putting your money and effort into the right one. Facebook is massively popular as compared to google+. Although each social platform has a target associated with it, the agency ensures which one to select. 

To save time and money

Promotions and advertising can become a complicated and time-consuming task, following with the need for constant social activity surveillance of brand and coming up with new ideas everyday. If you take these tasks up on your shoulders or assign them to your in-house-team, then it will cost you a fortune to maintain both equipment and human resources. By hiring a creative advertising agency, you don’t have to worry about all those social campaigns and how to manage their aftereffects. 

So by doing this, you have to only focus on your brand quality, and also, you save your company from spending more.

Increase in Sales

Many believe it’s a myth, but social media presence increases your product’s sale. Television ads are only visible to all who are watching tv at that time with the limitation of no on-spot interaction with the brand directly. 

But SM platforms like Twitter have a direct response and comment facility. Creative agencies know this well, so they make catchy phrases and also present the company’s latest offers, coupons, discounts, etc. in such a way that people get attracted to them.

These agencies set up accounts for you on different social platforms and handle all the feedbacks and questions or queries on behalf of your company.

Apart from all the services, a creative advertising agency have many SM tools with which they keep track of all how good, or bad their campaigns work, how well the brand is performing amongst the crowd, is the target audience satisfied with what the brand is giving?

As social media is becoming the cheapest, fastest, and most popular way of advertising, having a stronger social media profile is much needed, and a creative advertising agency will undoubtedly have your back.  

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