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Branding 101: How To Start From Scratch

Branding 101: How To Start From Scratch

Building a brand is like building any other megastructure. Imagine you have to make a house from scratch. You have first to research the market, find a suitable realtor, get the construction started as soon as you know you’ve found the right place, and customize it according to the requirements of the residents.

Similarly, branding your business is a phenomenal yet intimidating task most businesses take lightly when beginning the branding process. In formal terms, branding is a process that allows your brand to establish its stance and stand out from others in its niche.

To shine their marketing tactics, brands go for savage branding, of which a few can mark their distinction. For a minute, think of your favorite brand. There’s probably some memory of color, logo, tagline, and consistent service. All of the elements point to the direction of branding that takes not months, but years to develop fully.

For a brand starting its journey, addressing the customers directly becomes a tough pill to swallow, but with a competent strategy, time, and understanding, you can stratify your brand presence among your competitors.

Branding Steps For A Stellar Brand

When it comes to building a brand, know that the brand belongs to your customers in every respect. Every strategy is built around it. When following a strategy, make sure your customers are the center of your branding process.

1.Determine Your Audience

Your audience is probably the one who need your brand to solve their problems or provide value to their lives. Depending on what you’re offering, your target audience varies based on their needs, requirements, demographics, location, interests, dislikes and so on. When starting, a brand comes across several customer personas within the same target audience, which can be narrowed down to 2, 3 personas making the chunk of the customer base.

Also, branding becomes more comfortable when you start with a particular target audience in mind. Dig in some proper tools like Google Trends and related surveys to learn who your audience is and how your brand caters to them.

2.Identify Your Competitors

Pinpointing your audience does nothing much if you are unaware of the competition in the market. How would you learn what’s going on in the market? To get started, know that direct and indirect competitors surround you.

You can find the direct ones via online research and interact with their audiences to gain insights. In the midst of it all, don’t forget your indirect competitors. These may not have the same service as you, but might be fulfilling the needs and requirements of your target audience. Learn how they are contributing to solving problems you customers have.

3.Analyze Trends

Trends come and go, but these also serve as the turning point for brands climbing to the pinnacle. To analyze what’s going on in the industry and how customers are interacting with the brands in the market, you need to carry out a thorough analysis of the trends and the data.

You must identify the patterns for successful analysis and predict a future event that supports your brand and its advances. Using Google Trends or Trend Hunter, you can gather local data on how other brands are performing and even narrow the results as per your customer demographics. Make sure you create data silos to avoid information overload.

4.Develop A Mission Statement

Why your brand exists and how it contributes is all that the mission statement is about. In line with other branding strategies, you need to develop a mission statement that reflects the values of your brand. It’s the core or the center of your brand that fulfills the essence of its existence, going all the way to its services and reaching out to the audience.

Via your brand message, tell the world the value your brand wants to communicate from level 1 and onwards. Develop a professional one-liner to clearly state what your brand is about and how it makes a difference in the industry as well as the lives of the customers.

5.Create A Visual Identity

After having the perfect pitch, you need to showcase your values with some graphic content unique to your brand. You need to choose the colors, fonts, logo, style, imagery, and every other element related to the graphical representation of your brand. More often than not, a brand is known mostly by the logo with which it goes public. Even if you pick some examples of famous logos, one can’t help but dig in the memory banks to draw information about the brand and its related activities.

While each element is personal, it creates a lasting impact on the minds of the audience. Colors, shapes, and fonts have their subliminal messages encoded in them. The combination of these elements gives a particular identity that allows the brand to be viewed in a favorable light among its audience.

However, it’s better to have a professional create it for you. For instance, letting a Dallas web design company build your visual identity pinpoints your message and makes sure the audience receives it well.

6.Remain Consistent

If you have a great branding strategy but aren’t consistent at applying the basics, you lose the game sooner than ever. Whatever you do and whatever approach you implement, you have to maintain a steady stance.

The best idea here is to take things slowly while noticing the fluctuation in the audiences’ interests and market trends. If you’re going to precipitate the consistent approach, the chances are that you’ll end up losing the appeal and might even look unauthentic to your customers.

When staring a project or adding a visual aspect to your business, make sure you’ve done your homework and can continue it throughout its course.

Relax, Branding Takes Time

Brands don’t just happen overnight. There’s a hustle, struggle, effort, and continuity of progress at each step. Moreover, everything is incomplete without research, dedication, and passion oozing out of your branding journey.

If you’re in your early stages of branding, relax and give it your best. Follow the steps above and let your business grow with exceptional speed.

Loius Martin is a senior Creative Marketing Manager at Invictus Studio. Along with managing his duties, Loius takes care of the digital aspects of – a motivational speaker in Atlanta. He also shares his knowledge in guest blogs for several websites.

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