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How To Become A WordPress Developer From Scratch

How To Become A WordPress Developer From Scratch

When it comes to CMS development, WordPress is considered a primary choice by global entrepreneurs because of its high-customizability and vast development approach. Businesses whether dealing in a content-driven or e-commerce domain seem rivalry for WordPress development to support their business to drive efficiency and uplift their production ratio.

According to research stats, around 75 million websites are using WordPress worldwide by a diverse range of industry contexts and this exhibits how WordPress development is in the market requisition. If becoming a WordPress developer is in your mind, I can help with this end-to-end guide.

So, let’s elaborate on how to become a WordPress Developer

Steps To Become A WordPress Developer

Perceive The Primary Skill-Set Required

Before you start, you must be vigilant about the technology domain and platform that you need to learn initially just to develop your very first website. So, let’s unfold that one by one:


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a basic language to start development. It includes markup codes that demonstrate how different pages will be displayed. Using HTML, you can create elements like page titles, headings (in different sizes), paragraph texts, anchor texts, data tables and more. The latest version of HTML is HTML5 to learn and make use.


HTML helps to build basic pages whereas CSS assists to build blocks or style sheets of web pages. The basic use of CSS is to define the way elements look. For instance, font types & colors, page layouts, click effects and many more.


PHP is a scripting language that enables the dynamic functionality of the web pages. PHP is used combining the MySQL database. PHP is all about taking care of background tasks or functionality. PHP scripts are run to find and retrieve the data from the database. PHP scripting language is used in the entire WordPress development.


MySQL is known as an open-source relational database management system. In WordPress, PHP scripts are used to store and retrieve the data from the MySQL database. So, it is crucial to have a sound grasp on MySQL commands to add, store, update, and retrieve the data from the MySQL database.

What All You Can Create & Develop

WordPress developer performs core development as well as take part in customizing the web experience incumbent on the specific requirement. From changing the look & feel to modifying the functional behavior, customizing the admin panel to creating a newbie profile page, WordPress development includes vast scope to design, develop, and customize the WordPress platform.

Let’s have eyes on what all you can do with WordPress:

Theme & Plugin Development

Theme development is all about defining and styling the layout of the WordPress website like you have to work on the user interface of the website. WordPress offers hundreds of themes to select and apply and your responsibility will lead toward customizing and modifying the same as per client requisition. Although most of the themes are equipped with responsive functionality, a WordPress developer forms responsiveness if a specific theme doesn’t include the same.

After ensuring the theme development, your next task is to perform plugin development. WordPress offers hundreds of plugins to download and install (paid as well as free). Out of the available plugin making the necessary selection and exhibiting the requirement of a particular business context, you will be required to customize or modify the existing code of the plugins ensuring distinct and smoother functionality.

Widget Development

Widgets are considered as web components to upgrade the site with extra functions and contents. Although WordPress comes with default widgets that can be managed via the dashboard, you can avail of the third-party widgets in the form of plugins but that requires deep exposure and expertise in the PHP domain.

Entire WordPress Development

To design & develop the entire website includes theme, plugin & widget development and other customization. To develop so, you need to gain a strong grasp on tech domains like HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and Ajax. Moreover, you must be creative with a sound knowledge of UI & UX design.

Web App Development

WordPress developer also builds web applications with the help of rest API that demonstrates functional and dynamic web pages compatible with any device, operating system, and browser. The major examples of Web app development include Gmail, Facebook, and Google docs that run on browsers but exhibits the look & feel of smart applications.

Set Up Local WordPress Development Environment

To initiate developing projects on WordPress, you need to set up a local WordPress development environment. The very first thing that you need is a server stack – a software configuration to form the operational infrastructure to perform WordPress development using your computer. 

Depending on your system availability, you are necessitated to download the bundle server stack. For instance, MAMP can be used by MAC users and XAMPP can be used by both the Windows & MAC users. Now, the next thing that comes into play is a text editor (like Notepad) where you can work on code.

Moreover, you can also take recourse of a number of WordPress development tools & plugins to head start your project.

Thus, if you want to join a group of WordPress developers and start your WordPress development journey, this blog will help to form your futuristic approach. Additionally, you can also join the WordPress Community to stay tuned with your evolving coding skills.

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Poonam Singh is a senior technical writer and content strategist at Infoxen Technologies. She treasures her idle time by keeping herself well read about dominant web technologies & their implementation. She’s passionate and enthusiastic to write on a multitude of technology domains for startups and continuously evolving enterprises.

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