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Becoming an Influencer in Online Business

Becoming an Influencer in Online Business

In this era of digital learning, we all have that one influencer that we look up to. Whether it’s fashion, education or technology there are millions of people out there who are setting great examples. If you want to become an influencer yourself then what do you need to do? In this article, we will share tips to explain the process to you and hopefully make you a good influence for many generations to come 

Tips to become a shining influencer

Here are some tips you should keep in mind before you begin!

1.    Select an area/niche

This is the first step of becoming an expert at anything. Firstly you need to know your interests and skills before you start influencing others. Try to understand what you love doing the most. If you follow what you love then things will come to you naturally. Also, you will become more reliable in that field, and growing your network and audience will become easier.

About online businesses, there is a huge room for you to build your profile and then to influence others who want to follow in your footsteps. You can guide people on how to open an online store, how to make money through a blog, or how to earn by offering online consultation.

2.    Choose a platform that suits you

Once your area of work is decided start working on the platform that you would like to use. YouTube is great for content that uses videos as visual information is perceived faster and people like to see more than to read.

Facebook had 61% of the market share in 2016 as compared to other platforms and that makes it the best platform for most purposes.

Instagram is great for pictures so if you are into photography or selling products then displaying pictures here is a great idea. Pinterest is also a very powerful platform to display pictorial content. Whatever platform you choose as your main focus try to build your presence on most platforms as customers can have different choices.

3.    Understand what your audience wants

When you are talking to someone your voice and words are altered depending on the person, right? That’s because everyone doesn’t have the same importance in your life. So, treat your audience the same way. Try to understand which group of people will like your ideas and products, and which will be the most beneficial to target.

Social media platforms provide built-in analytics that can help you understand the regions, genders, and ages of the people who follow you. With this information, you can have a laser-sharp vision of your goals.

4.    Develop a strategy

It’s very important to have a road map before you start traveling right? The same goes for influencers. If you want to become a well-known figure then decide how you will go about spreading your content.

Firstly, try to share posts that are of value as that will intrigue people to follow you. Share content posted by other people that seems authentic to you as that can make those same people, share your content on their pages. Plus it will add variety and will help you to generate more quality content frequently.

Secondly, post original content that represents your competence and uniqueness. Your own content is what makes you a true influencer. Lastly, post about yourself too as that would add a personality to your page or blog and people will feel a stronger connection with you.

5.    Collaborate

You can’t always be a one-man army right? So what you should do is to interact with people that can help you grow and learn. As an influencer try to attend events centered on your niche. Whether it’s a webinar or a live event avail yourself every opportunity and try to develop your name as a talented individual in your industry.

6.    Run a blog and website

You can’t cover every detail in one post, right? So to convey an idea or to explain a procedure you can write a comprehensive blog on your website. A website is a platform where you can show the world everything about you. From your profile to your online store, a website offers many functionalities.

LinkedIn posts that contain a link get 200% more engagement and that brings us to the fact that when you add your blog or website link to a post that adds more value and traffic to your site and improves your status as an influencer.

7.    Be there for your audience

Replying to every comment and engaging with each follower, in the beginning, is easy but if you have millions of followers then it becomes impossible! So try to do your best and reply to your followers as they feel more valued if you do so and they stay with you for longer.

You won’t always get positive feedback and online trolling can actually get very nasty but if you keep yourself composed and calm and focus on growing then any negativity won’t bother you too much.

Try to take criticism in a positive light and you will grow stronger.


In this article, we went through some tips that can help you become a great influencer. You should start with a niche, make a plan, understand your target audience, select the right platform and build a good reputation among other influencers. Once that’s done then try to develop a website or a blog to spread your knowledge and respond to your followers as much as possible.

These are just a few tips and there is so much more than you might think at this stage. We recommend you do maximum research and when you finally decide to start then don’t look back. You will have to start from somewhere right! But with a good understanding of this game, you will grow as your community.

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