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Eric J Dalius on how small businesses can use social media marketing

Eric J Dalius on how small businesses can use social media marketing

Small businesses that operate on a low budget will find social media marketing quite attractive because it is inexpensive, and any size of business can drive sales, develop new customers and markets, and build brand awareness by using it. The social media platform creates broad outreach because it has a vast user base. For example, almost 75% of American adults use social media because it is one of the best ways to connect with people, and businesses must take its advantage to advance their marketing causes cost-effectively. According to Eric J Dalius, a successful marketing expert, not only is social media helpful in connecting with the audience that already knows the brand, but it also attracts new customers, which is critical for ensuring business growth. Moreover, you can use it for brand building too.

Here are some tips to make the process of setting up a social media marketing campaign for small businesses easy for you. 

Create a plan in the Eric Dalius way

Avoid the temptation of blindly jumping on to social media to promote your business because although it is easy, it might not be sustainable. Instead, create a firm marketing plan by knowing how to make the best use of the various elements of the platform that helps to achieve the marketing goals. The plan will direct the campaign towards the goals and help to avoid wasted efforts. The plan will ensure that all your efforts on social media support specific business goals.  

Research the competition as it helps to reduce your learning curve, and you will know what works and what does not.

Choose the right channels

Which social networks should you use is the most crucial decision in launching the marketing campaign. Since gaining the widest outreach is your goal, it is imperative to choose the social media channels that have maximum users, but at the same time, you must consider whether you could find most of your targeted audience across those channels. Simply said, you must first consider the channels that your audience uses the most and take your business to their doorsteps.

You must conduct some research to understand how your targeted audience spends time online and the channels they use the most. Select a few social media channels to ensure that you can reach most of the targeted audience. And remember that you must have different strategies for each channel based on what kind of marketing goal you want to achieve.

Know your audience

One of the purposes of using social media for marketing is that you can interact with the audience at an individual level to cater to their specific needs. But you must first know your audience well to be able to create a plan for communicating with them. This requires researching the audience to find out their expectations, likes, and dislikes by digging deep into the customer data with the help of social media analytics. This will help to geta complete picture of the buyer personas and know your customers better. In addition to knowing the customers, you must create a plan to reach out to new customers with similar profiles.

Build relationships

As you can talk directly to your customers as well as followers on social media, it provides great opportunities for building relationships with them. It opens various avenues of communication, and you can talk to them about business in different ways without requesting them directly to make a purchase. Social media is a great place for consumers to research new products and brands which can bring your brand in front of the audience as they can gather enough information about it. When people take an interest in your content, it creates opportunities for connecting with them and improve engagement, which leads to building trust and paves the way for creating a loyal band of customers. 

Share compelling visuals

Visuals are integral to social media posts, and everyone expects it to include a visual component. To derive the most from social media, you must use visuals to highlight your content and create the initial attraction, which will then make users curious to consume the text content. Even if your product does not make great visuals as it can happen with services, you can always choose to tell a story through pictures of videos.

It is an excellent way to highlight the company culture and even what goes on behind the scenes, which generates a lot of curiosity and interest among the audience and draws them closer to the brand. Photos can help to explain how customers can use the services. Just ensure the images are of high quality and have the elements to grab the attention of the audience and hold them to it for some time. 

Make the work easy with the right tools

To use social media effectively, you must use the right tools to simplify your work by automating some processes. It saves time and allows better use of it, which in turn boosts productivity. Since engagement is the top agenda for using social media, you must keep track of all messages and mentions about your company so that you can interact with people. Using an engagement tool like Hootsuite can help to accumulate all messages and mentions into a dashboard that you can use for engaging and responding from a single place without accessing individual social media accounts. 

Content scheduling

Create a calendar for publishing content so that you stay prepared with a pipeline of content for publishing at the desired intervals. By using a social media scheduling tool, you can ensure that the content keeps publishing as per schedule automatically at the right time. It allows you to allocate specific time for creating social media content without distracting you from other tasks of engagement.

Keep tracking your performance on social media to identify the weak points and even the ones that work well. Get a picture of your performance by using the tools and track metrics that matter most to you. Do A/B testing to make changes for better performance.

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