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How SEO is changing the Overall Digital Marketing in 2020

How SEO is changing the Overall Digital Marketing in 2020

The SEO landscape is a dynamic platform that requires great efficiency to alleviate your website ranking. It needs a lot of skill and smart decisions for an SEO expert to pull the rank up. 

With the genesis of new algorithms by Google and new updates popping up every now and then, it becomes increasingly challenging and laborious to paint out the best SEO strategy.

Where to keep an eye on a great SEO strategy?

Let us take a look at what is ahead for SEO trends in 2020. Which SEO strategy is going to create the magic and which will dominate the digital marketing landscape in 2020.

Listed below are a few must-follow SEO trends that are changing the overall digital marketing scenario in 2020.  

  • Focus on optimized and high-quality content


The content you create will continue to remain prominent; it will continue to affect your SEO. The trend continues, leaping from 2019 to 2020. High-quality content is going to lead you to a better SEO strategy. High-quality content, though, does not mean dumping all possible information. Instead, it is how tactfully you impart them. Try to create content that has a proper mix of variations and are easy to consume.

The content you put in will help you structure your website well. Your link building strategies will rely on the virtues of content you are creating. Keeping up with the SEO trends in 2020 would mean creating dynamic and more informative content. Create to communicate content which delivers the message and is unique. 

 “Content is going to be the lifeblood of SEO” – Anna Crowe, Assistant Editor, Search Engine Journal.

  • Featured snippets

Zero is the new number one. Well, with Google introducing the new spot, ‘0’ has changed the way web searching worked. It is not just showing up in the number one spot in a search result. But Google just went a step ahead with its featured snippets, and it is no more just getting the number one spot. 

The position 0 in 2020 is going to influence the competition of Google ranking even more. According to SEMrush, 7.61 to 13.68% of all search results have a featured snippet. 

Well, how does it help you? Do we even need to mention, you are there at the top of the search results? Optimizing your content to qualify for Google featured snippets can help you gain more traffic. And here is where your SEO strategies come in because you must appear in the first ten search results. Or else your chances of appearing in the featured snippets are almost zeroed down.

Craft your content in a way that has some additional information to cater to the snippets show.

  • E.A.T. the SEO advantage

One SEO trend which is going to continue in 2020 is the reputation and expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) of the content publishing company. The principles of E.A.T. are to measures the trust and authority score of the websites where the content is published. It also does the same for the expertise of the author, who writes or published it.

Expertise: Content analysed, created, and delivered by experts. 

Authority: The website has authority on the content it is delivering.

Trustworthiness: the site needs to pose its credibility and that of the sources.

It would become difficult for the brands to receive organic visibility without experts writing or creating content. Trustworthiness and credibility are going to be one of the significant factors for content to get acknowledged in 2020. The level of social media optimization is getting high. 

Thus is pertinent for the website owners to scrutinize the authority and expertise of the authors who are responsible for content creation. 

  • Voice Search

Voice search optimization is going to be a big thing for SEO for the year ahead and even further. Voice search is becoming the most preferred option for web search due to its quickness. 

  • The voice recognition market will hit $601 million by 2020.

Voice search is a big leap in the virtual leap and is already posing as a significant trend in 2020. Here the SEO specialists have to keep in mind that voice search is way more conversational. Hence it needs a little more effort in optimizing the content to deliver the desired result. Websites have to focus more on long-tail keywords. 

This is a key SEO trend in 2020, and content creation has to be done, keeping in mind the voice search. When it comes to voice searches, the queries are generally longer. What we can deduce here is, in voice search optimization, you have to use complete phrases instead of just keywords. 

  • Local Search

As per research, 46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information, whereas 97% of search engine users searched online to find a local business. Why is local SEO important? Adding keywords like “near me,” “address,” or “phone no” can give you a good start for your business. 


As the prediction goes, compared to 2019, 2020 will see that real reviews and ratings will drive local searches. You have to optimize the content for local searches embedded with location, directions, and reviews.

Local search as a search engine optimization strategy is grasping up its has also shown a formidable success rate. As per research, more than 50% of searches revolve around local places and people. Also, it is accounted that a majority fraction of those searches produces end results. 

The trend has also found success accelerating because of the increasing use of mobile phones and other smart devices. Optimizing your website and its content, which caters to the local searches, is quintessential for your SEO strategies 2020.

  • Mobile SEO

Mobile-friendly SEO is definitely going to be the trend of the year. And if you haven’t yet configured your strategies to mobile SEO, it is high time you should. You not only have to have a mobile-optimized but also a mobile-friendly website.

The aforementioned fact that the use of the mobile phone is going up the graphs and there is no looking back to it should be an essential condition to reason why mobile SEO is required. Not just the mobile SEO trend, but experts also have to consider the mobile SERPs in 2020.


Your digital marketing arsenal as a whole should have this weapon in the collection. Just for records, 88% of searches are done via smartphones alone. And 40% of mobile users abandon an inferior mobile website. We are sure you don’t want users to leave your site and hop into that of your competitors.

  • Search Intent and user-focused 

It is always the intent to do the best, isn’t it, and Google understands that really well.  With the initiation of BERT in 2019, Google now wants search intent, which is more ‘human-like’. As estimated, this is going to be a big thing in SEO 2020. The priority is now on semantic results. 


The SEO experts now will have to optimize the keywords to draw more accurate and relevant results. Among all the Google ranking factors in 2020, search intent is going to catch up a little more highlights. Search intent is merely the ‘Why’ behind the initiated search.

Google has moved away from the word to word matching search results. It now focuses on the question context followed by analysing the possible search motives and then deliver results. Hence your search engine optimization should be at par with the trends; you might also use semantic studies tools.

  • UX & technical SEO

One of the biggest trends SEO is going to witness is perhaps the focus on user experience. This would include a couple of things, such as search engine result pages and the experience users have with your landing page. It basically would include the experience of the users when they are on your website.


This year will see a lot of technical SEO. Two factors that are already in the limelight when we are talking about UX and technical SEO is – the speed of the page and the overall speed of the site. The loading speed will matter a lot and will need efforts from the end of the SEO experts as well.

Google’s attention on the site speed is transparent enough with Google Search Console’s speed reports and Chrome’s slow warning badges. You might have to whiz up your website speed to match the pace of the current trends. 2020 might ask you to completely re-engineer the page templates and even the way it loads.

  • Brand Building

Branding is no more an option for SEO. It is as crucial a factor as the others in 2020. Users, at times, don’t even care for the rank while looking for results. They might straight click on the website they are familiar with or the work they have witnessed and liked before.


Brand building overall has been of paramount importance in business history and is going to grasp a vital space in the SEO strategy 2020. It is evident that the paid ads are becoming prevalent and equally expensive, and countering them with organic traffic is almost becoming a myth.

What do you do then? As such, brand awareness and brand building will be an overriding factor for digital marketing experts. You might like to target the social media platforms to promote your work and business on a full swing. Here utilizing the social listening tools might also aid you in discovering multiple ways to create a loyal brand base.

Final Words

While many things stay the same, for example, but relevant keywords in your titles, etc., a lot of new annexures will find its way in your strategies this year. All you need to do is keep an eye on the latest updates and pace up accordingly. Also, remember the keynote, which is user experience. All your steps should gravitate towards approaching an advanced and improved user experience.

Author bio: 


Currently working as a Content Writer at Wolftain Agency Pvt. Ltd. and scripting her career in the digital marketing space. Endeavoring to carve formidable expertise in blogging, web content and many more. She also come with almost a year full of experience as a journalist and news editor. Hailing from North-eastern India, she has the heart of a vagabond and settles for nothing more than adventure. A travel enthusiast fond of capturing moments in her lens. 

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