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How Selenium 4 Makes a Difference in Automation?

How Selenium 4 Makes a Difference in Automation?

Selenium is the most dominant in the automation testing field has come up with their newer version consists of various new features that would make change the way it used to be all these days. The first thing that made everyone struck was Selenium 4 is using the W3C protocol, which is more standardized than the previous JASON protocol used in Selenium to interact with the end node that is the browser. Along with this there are a lot of other features has been announced by the Selenium committee, those are listed and explained below.

Selenium 4 IDE

As we all know that the Selenium IDE is a record and playback tool, now with the Selenium 4 it has been upgraded with rich and advanced features. Here are the two major features.

New Plug-in System

Any vendor of a browser can easily plug into the new Selenium IDE now, along with that you will be able to have your strategy for locators and Selenium IDE plug-in. 

New CLI Runner

Now Selenium will be completely based on NodeJS and not the old HTML-based runner with having these capabilities.

WebDriver Playback The new Selenium IDE will be solely based on the WebDriver.

Parallel Execution The new CLI runner in Selenium 4 will also support parallel execution of test cases and will provide useful information to the users, like time taken to execute and the number of passed and failed test cases. Undergo Selenium training in Chennai to enter into the world of automation.

Improved Selenium Grid

For those who have worked in Selenium Grid would know the difficulty to set up and configure it and for those who don’t know Selenium Grid, it supports to execute the test cases on different browsers, different machines, and different operating systems along with providing the capacity to execute parallel. There are two main components in Selenium Grid, the Hub and the Node.

Hub acts as a server, the central point to control all the machines that run the test cases that are in the network. In Selenium Grid there is only one hub that allocates the test execution to a particular node based on the matched capabilities.

Node is the end machine where the test cases run, it can be heterogeneous. 

But in Selenium 4 the Grid concept is not that harder that used to be in the previous versions, even it has become smooth and easy since people no longer need to set up and start the hubs and nodes separately. Once you start the Selenium server, the grid will act as both node and hub.

Better Selenium Grid UI

Another priority for Selenium 4 that was emphasized during the announcement of the release of it was that they have come up with the new user-friendly UI of the Selenium Grid, which would have all the information that is relevant to the test case execution that is the sessions running, capacity, etc.

Refreshed Documentation

Documentation is one thing that plays a vital role in the successful completion of the project. Selenium documentation hasn’t been updated since the release of Selenium 2.0, which means people need to use the older documentation and tutorials for the past several years. So this has naturally become one of the most anticipated updates among the test automation community, meanwhile, everyone can access the existing documentation for learning and reference. Get hold of the test automation by undergoing Selenium training in Chennai.

Apart from all the major updates stated by the official Selenium team many other features have been added, one is that testers can only maximize the browsers but with the Selenium 4 one can even minimize the browser during the test case execution. Likewise, Selenium 4 has got a lot of upgraded features that would come in handy for automation testers while working on complex applications and also for reporting.

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