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How Playstation 2 Has Conquered The World?

How Playstation 2 Has Conquered The World?

According to official data, over 150 million PlayStation 2 units were sold worldwide. Thanks to this, it is the best-selling console in history and so far there is no indication that any other equipment could threaten the position of “Czarnulki”.If you add to this a library of games, numbering nearly 4,000 titles, whose total circulation amounted to even 1.5 billion copies, it can be said without exaggeration that PlayStation 2 is the most popular equipment for playing in the history of all electronic entertainment. What is behind such great success?

PlayStation 2 – first leaks

The great, but still surprising success of PlayStation 1 made Sony instantly become a leader among manufacturers of game consoles. However, the life of each console has a limited length, primarily due to the constant development of technology, but also to the increased expectations of players. The first leaks about the fact that Sony is working on PlayStation 2, appeared already in 1997, which is basically at the peak of the popularity of its predecessor. Game rumors then talked about full backward compatibility, i.e. the ability to run games with PSX, as well as the built-in network module and DVD player. Especially the latter caught the attention of lovers of all technology. At that time the DVD was a new solution and the players of such discs reached sky-high prices. Did this mean that Playstation 2 would become expensive and therefore elite?

The premiere of the PlayStation 2 console

PlayStation 2 debuted in 2000. First in March, in Japan, and last autumn on European, North American and Australian markets. Game rumors were largely confirmed – the console had a built-in DVD reader, as well as the ability to run games from PSX. Surprisingly – in a positive way – was also the price, which was set at 299 dollars. It was more or less the cost of the simplest DVD player then, and yet the PlayStation 2 console offered far more possibilities. So you did not have to be an outstanding expert on the industry to say that equipment must be successful. However, the real hysteria that erupted after the release of PS2 was difficult to predict.

A few words about PlayStation 2 technology

At the time of its release, PlayStation 2 was the most powerful console on the market. Today, values and such as processor clock frequency of 300 MHz or 32 MB of memory are not very impressive. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, these parameters gave game developers almost unlimited possibilities to create worlds and heroes. An important element in Playstation 2 was also the aforementioned DVD reader – not only because it gave the chance to watch movies saved in this format, but also allowed producers to put on one disc many times more data, which meant more complex and advanced games. However, the game rumors about the network module were not confirmed. This one was introduced later as an additional accessory. It was also installed by default in the so-called PlayStation 2 Slim, i.e. the modernized version of the console, which premiered in 2004. The console also did not have internal memory, and game save was possible via memory cards.

Games on PlayStation 2 – hits were falling like a sleeve

The main magnet attracting users were, of course, games and in this respect, the PlayStation 2 console is unmatched, probably to this day. The number of hits and titles that have captured the imagination of players, and today they are not talked about differently than cult ones, is simply overwhelming. Many of them were continuations of the series from Playstation 1. Here you can mention:

• Gran Turismo 3 and Gran Turismo 4, which sold over 26 million copies,

• Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII – 18 million copies,

• Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 – 10 million copies.

Games from the famous Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, which were temporarily exclusive, were also developed on Playstation 2. Each of the three parts that appeared on PS2 was a gigantic hit:

• GTA 3 – 8 million copies sold,

• GTA: Vice City – 9.6 million copies,

• GTA: San Andreas – nearly 17.5 million copies (This is the best-selling game on PlayStation 2!).

However, PlayStation 2 not only became a continuation, because the console also appeared a lot of completely new and very popular series. Mention may be made, for example:

• God of War 1 and God of War 2 – nearly 9 million copies sold,

• Kingdom Hearts series – about 10 million copies sold.

All series of sports games were also very popular. Some, like the NFL series, dealing with American football, was only popular in some countries. In this case, in the USA, where each subsequent installment and these appeared every year, were distributed in a few million copies. Others, such as the Pro Evolution Soccer series (football game), had fans around the world.

You can not forget about a completely new phenomenon in the world of home playing, namely games that previously had a raison d’être above all in arcades. It’s about titles like Guitar Hero and SingStar. In the first series, the player could play the rock guitarist, and instead of raining he operated the game with a controller … shaped like a guitar. SingStar is nothing other than karaoke. You had to buy special microphones to play, which became the highlight of many events.

Pad for Playstation 2 – better is the enemy of good

As for controllers, Sony decided that there is no need to change the design of the basic pad, i.e. DualShock. At first glance, DualShock2 is not fundamentally different from its predecessor. Only the default color has been changed – from gray to black. However, the button layout, analog knobs, and size remained unchanged. However, this is only appearances, because Sony has introduced an important technological novelty to its rainfall. Each button was analog. This meant that he responded not only to the fact of pressing but also to strength. This solution allowed more precise control of the characters’ actions and gave a sense of even greater control.

150 million players can’t be wrong – PlayStation 2 is the best console ever!

If the 100 million PlayStation 1 consoles sold was stunning, what about over 150 million PlayStation 2 sold? This value gives Sony the first place among the best-selling gaming devices in history. The popularity of PS2 was so great that its production was stopped only at the beginning of 2013 when the console appeared on the horizon … PlayStation 4. Already throughout 2013 large producers released games on this system, independent publishers did it even longer. PlayStation 2 has elevated Sony to the top of electronic entertainment producers, and the equipment itself has simply become synonymous with the console. In 2002, another giant from the multimedia industry, Microsoft, entered the game, presenting its equipment – Xbox. However, even this event did not impress PlayStation 2. However, it also meant that the real clash was in the next generation. The duel of PlayStation 3 with the successor to the Microsoft console, i.e. the Xbox 360, is a completely different story.

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