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How Outbound SMTP Can Help Your Business Succeed

How Outbound SMTP Can Help Your Business Succeed

What is the SMTP Server?

SMTP is a communication protocol for the transmission of email. Communication takes place between an email client and an outbound SMTP mail server (outgoing mail server) or between two SMTP servers.

The exchange of emails is handled by the Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs). The MTAs communicate with each other using the SMTP protocol.

In addition to SMTP, POP and IMAP are two more protocols for email transfer. However, these two protocols only serve to retrieve emails or manage them online. SMTP, on the other hand, is a communication protocol that not only receives email but also handles outbound email.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

Despite the development of new alternatives like instant messaging and social media platforms, email has not lost its importance. It is still an active and integral part of every business’s marketing strategy. There are over 4 billion email users in the world. Over 296 billion emails are sent each day. Most of these emails are marketing emails sent by businesses to their potential customers. If you are a business looking for leads online, email marketing should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy.

How Can Outbound SMTP Help Your Business Succeed?

Well, Outbound SMTP helps your business in many ways. The most important one being it makes sure that your sent emails actually delivers to the receiving person. Below we mention a few most important benefits of Outbound SMTP.

Dedicated Outbound SMTP Service removes any restrictions on the number of emails that you can send. It allows you to send as many emails as possible without any hiccups.

It is an excellent service for marketing purposes as it allows you to send email messages in Bulk, thus enabling you to reach more people with little investment.

Using Outbound SMTP, you can set up and broadcast email messages anytime anywhere, so you can reach the right customers at the right time.

Outbound SMTP is a blessing if you have a big team of email marketers or customer service representatives as it allows you to set up multiple outbound email accounts.

Most SMTP providers provide dedicated IP for your email, which has lots of benefits. One significant advantage is that your email account won’t be marked as spam if you are not spamming. In a shared IP environment, many people use the same IP address for their mails. If one person is marked for spreading spam, all people sharing that same IP are also marked as spammers. It has a significant toll on your marketing effort. Instead of going to the inboxes of people, your outbound emails go straight to spam folders.

Another added benefit for businesses is that you can also send customized email messages designed in HTML. HTML helps you customize the look of your email messages. You can add your products in an email if you have put some products on sale just like you would on your website.

Many SMTP providers also offer advanced email protection, which enables you to set up email filtering policies. You can create a different set of rules for firewalls and antiviruses based on your specific needs.

If you are a business wanting to reach more customers with not much money spent on SEO or paid marketing campaign, you should definitely try the Outbound SMTP technology. If combined with the best outbound tools, it can do wonders for you on sales and marketing front. It doesn’t cost much and enables you to reach thousands of potential customers through smart email marketing

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