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How Much Do Bathtub liners Cost

How Much Do Bathtub liners Cost

Want to have your old bathtub replaced but doesn’t have enough budget to do so? Then bathtub liners are the best alternative for you!

Bathtub liners are replacements applied to an existing bathtub, usually an old one, to prolong or provide an added layer of sturdiness or reliability, and if a complete bathroom refurbishing is not immediately available. Bathtub liners are made from either Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or acrylic and are very easy to install and hassle-free.

Bathtub liners are ideal because it offers high resistance against microbes, scratch, bathroom cleaning chemicals, and even UV ray exposure, as well as it can be easily molded and has high dimensional stability.

Upon installation, the bathlub liner is added as a brand new layer on top of the original bathtub. Of course, to prevent any unwanted results after the application, bathtub liner customization is a must, making sure that it will be the exact fit.

Depending on factors being taken into consideration, bathtub liners are usually cheaper than having a bathroom overhaul or even buying a brand new tub. Normally, bathtub liners are priced around $700 – $1,400. In cases of customization, it can go up to an average of $3,000, and with a professional team that can install and decorate it coming into the picture, estimates can range from $4,000 – $7,000.

Several bathtub liner companies offer the best services when it comes to installation and even designs. Some brands include Bath Planet, Bath Fitter, Custom Bath Liners, Home Depot Bathtub Liners, and Bath Wraps. Every one of these brands offers both acrylic and PVC bathtub liners, and installation can be as fast a day to no longer than a few weeks. What’s even better is that several of these brands provide warranty to their buyers so that you can have an added assurance.Got excited to get your hands into that brand new bathtub liner? Then don’t forget to check out this infographic made by DURACARE Baths first, so you can get the best deals out there:

bathtub liners cost
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