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How Mobile App Development Is Challenging Than Web Development

How Mobile App Development Is Challenging Than Web Development

The mobile app and web development are two important things that businesses need to set foot on the digital platform. The mobile applications are only available for smartphone users, and web development is for the desktop website for products and services. It can also be made compatible with mobile phone screens. Here are some significant differences between mobile app development and web development.

Mobile Development Vs Web Development

One of the major difference between mobile and web development is that they are both meant for different platforms. The mobile applications have to be compatible with both android and iOS platforms and need two different development team to finish the task. There are also cross-platform applications which require skilled developers who are well-versed with different frameworks. But websites are for desktop usage, and a single team or single-member can handle the whole development process.

Another difference is that mobile applications have to be made in accordance with different screens such as smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices. But the websites are easily adjustable with different screens.

Also, the websites can be of various kinds, and they are easy to build than a mobile application. Some of the popular websites that people often use are shopping sites, ticketing and educational websites. But the mobile apps have only limited options to work with. The tools and technology stacks are also different for mobile and web development.

Why is Mobile App Developing More Challenging?


As we already know, the mobile applications are developed in both android and iOS platform which makes the process already difficult and time-consuming, but there are so many android and iOS devices as well with features and functionality of their own, and it is difficult for the developers to research and built apps for every platform and devices.

Updates and Maintenance

When it comes to native app development, the application updates and maintenance takes up so much time because it should be updated in both the android and iOS platforms separately, and this increases the expenses as well.

Skilled Developers

Developing mobile applications in different platforms and devices is not an easy job; it takes a skilful developer to build the application from scratch efficiently. Also, both android and iOS use different programming languages, so it is essential to hire someone who specializes in different programming languages or hire two different people to get the job done. This makes the process even more complicated and more expensive.

App Store Guidelines

The website development need not abide by any guidelines or rules when it comes to launching of the websites, but that is not the case in mobile application development. There are specific regulations and guidelines to follow when launching the applications in the app store if the instructions are not achieved, then developers need to modify and adjust the app according to that. Especially it is difficult to get approval from the Apple store. All these rules and regulations make it even more challenging for mobile app development.

The above mentioned are some of the reasons why mobile applications are more challenging to develop than a website, but they have their advantages as well. At the end of the day, it is up to the businesses to choose one or both according to their budget and business needs.

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