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Despite Numerous Hacking Events How Mcafee’s Crypto Trading Platform is Live

Despite Numerous Hacking Events How Mcafee’s Crypto Trading Platform is Live

Hackers tried to fail the product launch, but “McAfee Magic” went live for a few hours. McAfee Magic, launched by John McAfee, is a cryptocurrency trading platform. John McAfee is a cybersecurity expert. The cryptocurrency news about his cryptocurrency trading platform is trending. Despite many attempts by hackers, McAfee assures people about its platform stability and enthusiasts to check out the services.

John McAfee, United States Presidential Aspirant, and a Cybersecurity Expert tweeted on June 12 that his cryptocurrency trading platform is up and live. He also cited successful product launch despite hacking attempts and further encourage his followers, detractors, and friends to enjoy the McAfee services.

As per its website, McAfee Magic is a revolutionary and recent crypto trading platform that allows manual as well as the automated trading from a list of cryptocurrency exchanges. The multiple trading can be easily carried out only using this single interface. McAfree Magic is also promoting a snap trade; automated bots are trading for you through different exchanges. John McAfee listed some images dictating multiple benefits of this trading platform. The accessibility to multiple features can be done using this single platform. Traders can use this crypto world into a powerful dashboard allowing automatic buying and selling, trailing buy and sell, auto trade, shadow trader functionality and much more. Currently, it is supporting eight cryptocurrency exchanges along with five hundred cryptocurrencies. It has more than a thousand trusted users. McAfee tweeted to aware cryptocurrency community about the hacking attempts.

McAfee has launched crypto merchandise stores and debit card: McAfee has to work a lot but still, he shows its activeness by citing exciting projects. He announced, on June 12, the opening of McAfee crypto merchandise stores. The store is offering t-shirts, wristwatches, backpacks, etc. Some products as shown on display have crypto-related names while some have names related to presidential. For example, movie-Satoshi, Miners vs Banks, Running for President Backpack, etc.

It was also announced that they would soon launch their debit card. It was expected to be launched in the coming week. There are other areas where he is working. He is also going to release McAfree freedom coin. This freedom coin will help to tackle different types of crypto exchanges. The freedom coin will not be bound or tied to commodities or other external bodies. It will cast a zero relation relative to other existing entities.

Look at the Core Features

Magic, the cryptocurrency trading platform, has some unique specialties. Using a single dashboard, cryptocurrencies can be easily traded on multiple exchanges. This type of platform will promote auto as well as manual trading.

It is considered as a revolutionary trading platform. More than five hundred cryptocurrencies can be traded through the manual as well as the automatic system. This trading platform can be considered the non-custodial type as exchange platforms are used for digital currency holdings. To initiate the trade, funds have to be accessed directly through the users’ account available to different exchanges. This is the process of a trade transaction. In order to initiate the process, users have to follow a simple step. To enable functionality, users have to plug in the APIs through different crypto exchanges.

Know its Offerings

The McFree Magic platform is operated by ARB. ARB is a kind of ERC-20 token. It offers two portals – spot trading and shadow trading. The spot trading enables users to carry out the normal spot trading along with advanced features, while the shadow trading works differently. With the help of shadow trading, it becomes easy to mimic trades of top traders; professional traders are retaining top spots due to their trading success through different exchanges and trading pairs.

There are also other features available. Another feature offered by Magic is ‘Set and Forget’; using this feature, users can buy and sell simultaneously. The auto-trade feature has its own advantages or benefits. This function allows chatbots to perform a hundred rades any time, 24 x 7. The report suggests the conversion of Fiat to different cryptocurrencies will be provided through the help of an OTC desk; this feature will be added soon. Furthermore, traders need not fund their trader accounts. Traders will be solely responsible for controlling as well as accessing funds through different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Security Status

Magic’s website states about security status. Amazon’s AWS servers are used to host the platform, providing the best level of security. The server is scalable too.

McFree Magic – an Arbitrage Play?

Ethreum-based ARB token is fuelling the trades. It confirms to have developed automated chatbots that are helping in identifying trading opportunities. Arbritaging is a popular term used in crypto. It works on the evaluation and analysis of differences on a list of cryptocurrency exchanges. Buying and selling after comparison on different exchanges will help in a series of quick profits.

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