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How long does it take to learn a guitar?

How long does it take to learn a guitar?

When you walk into a guitar store and see a ton of guitars are staring back to you. Well you can get easily confused which one is good for you. You might like the attractive one. But trust me the worst one looks always good. 

It’s true that a good guitar can make a huge different on your learning. You don’t know your limit. When you don’t try one previously.

But it’s also fact that if you find playing guitar is hard, then you will lose the attraction like first day you had.

No guitar is perfect for everyone. It’s about tuning with your comfort zone and mind setup. When a guitar is matched with your vocal, shape, playability and the type of music you want to learn. 

Then I call it a perfect guitar. It will boost your learning. Doesn’t matter how old you are. Some people think that am I too old to learn a guitar at this age. You are so perfect at your age. 

When you buy an acoustic guitar, after that you will want an electric guitar. After that you might go for classical guitar or not.

But when you find an acoustic and electric guitar features at one also within your budget. OH, I know you might be thinking what’s new about it. There are a lot of guitar have this feature. But you have to understand that why people like this guitar now. Here are the guitar details. Leve me 2 acoustic electrical guitar.

Let’s come to the main point. You can learn guitar with any. But it will be easier if you use a steel stringed guitar with extra light gauge strings.  That’s why I suggest you the early guitar. 

The main fact is about your target goal. If you want to learn only a few chords and just want to play a few songs. To impress your friend then it’s really easy to learn guitar within a month. But provided that you want to learn all the basic thing about that guitar then defiantly it will take time to learn. If you can practice guitar everyday on a schedule time. Then it will take only 4-5 months to complete the course. 

  1. It doesn’t matter what type of guitar you choose. When you try to access with the major key if you find that easy then it’s ok. 
  2. If you are determined and committed with your practice regularly then you can learn guitar easily. 

How often you should practice?

At first you have to understand about the guitar parts. What are those on that position and how those works? In the meantime, you will learn how your fingers will act with those. How fast you learn it only depends how much do you practice.

While practicing for 20 minutes every day. You will notice an important change on you playing. As a newbie don’t need to practice more. Because your hand macule needs to use to it. It obviously takes time.  

At first, your hand feel pain. It’s normal. When you stroke a steel stings by your hands. Don’t shut down your practice. Many people put off their practice dur to pain.

  1. For the first 40 hours you have to understand and practice basic strumming patterns. Then learn how to understand the guitar tabs.
  2. After six months, you will be so able to play difficult song. You also be able to perform hammer-ones and pull-offs technique.
  3. Now you have to learn the bar chords. Then you can play any song you want to play. 
  4. I am here telling only 1-2 years practice routine. So, if you find passion for this instrument then you can continue with it for long time.

Am I too old to learn Guitar?

No, don’t think about it. You are never too old to start playing guitar. Yeah, you have to practice for more years to be a legend. That doesn’t mean you have to practice for 50 years to be a pro.

Moreover, it’s never late to start a new habit. Because, it’s a passion. So, if you like the passion then go for it.

When, you think that little kinds can learn so fast but you are old enough and don’t have enough strength to play guitar. It’s so obvious that kids can learn fast because of their muscles developing. And also, they have developing brain. So, naturally you need more time than a child. Children have more free time than you to do practice. 

How quick you can able to play a song?

All the questions you have in this article. And there is one answer. 

  1. How much time you give to practice?
  2. What songs you pick to learn guitar?

You can boost your learning by following some of basic chords. Like E, Em, C, Cm, D, Dm, F, G, A, Am etc.

All these chords can cover more than million songs around the world. Some intermediate chords you have to give more time to learn. But when you like a song but some of these chords are missing to play that song. You can use a capo to mute the rest of the side of the guitar.  Then it will call open chords. 

Final Words:

In one word there is no simple answer how much time you will need to learn the guitar. All depends on your strength and effort and practice.

One thing I want to add. Practice daily but don’t do wrong practice. 

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