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Everything you need to know about laser printers

Everything you need to know about laser printers

Technology is evolving day by day and making our tasks more manageable. We all have become so much depend upon technologies around us from cleaning our homes to relevant office paperwork. In almost every field and industry, we see the new inventions and discoveries. This is nothing but the beauty of science and technology. Technology has now become our new friend. It is not only making our work more accessible but also suggests new ways to do them.

What are laser printers?

Laser printers are the kind of printer that uses a focused beam of light to print the pictures and text on the paper. It is based on laser technology. It is much different from our commonly used printers. They are faster than the usual printers and provides better printing too. You can expect the more precise kind of work from these laser printers. Also, there is no use of ink in laser technology. 

How does it work?

Laser technology is an exciting topic. People want to learn about them these days as laser technology is in trends. When the paper is passing through the laser printers, there is a laser beam that fires at the photoreceptor. A photoreceptor is a surface of the cylindrical drum. There are charges in this drum. Most of them are positive charges. These charges tend to reverse them at the sites in the drum where the laser beam hits them. Through this reversing process of charges, the laser beam is now allowed to print the patterns on the photoreceptor. 

Then, a toner cartridge coats the patterns on the photoreceptor with toner. Toner is generally black, but you can use colourful toners too. The toner colour can be magenta, cyan, etc. You can see these colours in colourful laser printers. Now, inside the drum, the toner that is positively charged sticks to the negatively charged areas made by the laser beams.

So, when the paper is passing through the laser printer, the negative charge strikes the drum due to which toner gets transferred and sticks to the paper. This is the whole procedure of the printing in laser printers. This is how it works.

Types Of laser printers

Laser printers are broadly categorized into two main types. These are described below.

1.Office Laser Printers 

Office laser printers are the best laser printer. They are designed to perform a large number of tasks. They are connected to many computers at the same time, so you can take prints of many machines from one laser printer. It makes the task easier. So, it is always ready to accept multiple commands. 

The laser printers of this kind can hold up to 250-300 sheets at a time. So, you say the paper tray is quite large.

Also, the printing time is faster than the usual printers. It prints fast and saves your time. They have the option of colour printing too. You can choose that option to get the output in the colour choice of yours. It is imperative to buy the printer of a trusted brand that serves you better.

 2. Personal Laser Printers

As the name suggests, they are specifically designed for personal use. So, you won’t be able to get loads of characteristics or advantages from this category of laser printers, but it is surely enough for the small personal needs. 

They are small in size and generally allows only one computer to connect to it. You can place it easily on your desk alongside your computer. The paper tray for this laser printer can hold up to about 100 papers at a time. They are not very fast as compared to the office laser printers but neither too slow. So, they are really ideal to use at your home.

Uses of Laser Printers

Laser printers are the first choice of users these days due to its high-quality functions. Laser printers provide an excellent work process, and they are broadly used.

  • You can always use a laser printer for mass production. They are generally faster and consumes time too. 
  • You can use laser printers for official paperwork they provide you with better kinds of paper prints. Texts are more clear.
  • If you want to get printouts in black and white colour, then laser printers are economical too.
  • Greeting cards, invitation cards are best printed with these laser printers instead of inkjet printers. They provide you with high-quality resolution.

Advantages of a Laser Printer

Laser printers have pros that you should know.

  • The laser printers can print faster and saves your time.
  • The outputs of laser printers are dry, not wet so, you don’t have to wait for the paper to get dry. Also, there is no issue of the ink smearing in this kind of printing.
  • If you want to get printouts in black and white colour, then laser printers are economical too.
  • The paper tray usually has more capacity than general printers.
  •  They are also cost-effective for your business.

Disadvantages of a Laser Printer

Just like any other machine, these too have some cons.

  • Laser printer usually uses high voltages that result in a large number of carbon emissions, and that is not good for the environment around you. 
  • These are expensive if you are using them only for personal needs as their cartridges cost you more than inkjet printer toners.
  • The maintenance cost is also high. Also, they are not easy to repair.
  • The toner used in laser printers is harmful to the human eye. So, it can be health hazardous too if you are using it in your homes, especially.

So, laser printers are excellent to use. It depends upon the choice of yours that you want to use the same old kind of inkjet printers or printers that produce high-quality outputs. Also, you should always go for the best laser printer that serves you the best. Technology is developing day by day, and you should walk with time. Keep your work either personal or official up to date with the use of laser printers at your place.

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