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How is Technology Revamping the Animation Industry?

How is Technology Revamping the Animation Industry?

The animation industry has undergone massive evolution over the years. It all started with hand-drawn pictures which were later on created into animations. That too happened manually. The process has taken many leaps just like the Frontier bundle packages. Animators are now using the latest software to produce amazing shows and films. The traditional animation industry has certainly come a long way.

Whether it is video games, TV shows or movies, all of them carry a hint of modern animation which is mostly facilitated by technology. Even though animations are now created on computers, the time required to create an animated movie is relatively the same. It is the quality and the graphics that have improved significantly by the use of tech.

Computer animation integrates with traditional animation. Even today a combination of both is required. Computer animation has not really replaced traditional characters drawn by hands, it is only an additional tool in the box of tricks of animators. For this technology to reach its potential, hand drawings still need to be a part of the process as the natural creative ability of the animator.

Technology has revamped the animation industry big time. Let’s see what’s changing:

More Demand Because of New Distribution Platforms

New outlets on cable have created extraordinary opportunities for animated content. The popular live streaming websites Netflix have created an audience in all kinds of original animated programs. This has made cable networks push the envelope in various ways. Today, even if you are able to create a compelling story in your basement, it will reach to the world. If it is able to find its audience successfully, then it can go for a studio release as well. This was not possible before.

Digital Imagery Is Entering the Physical World

Those of you who love digital imagery and animation don’t just get to experience it on screen. It is invading our physical world with the use of mobile devices, AR and VR headsets, and holograms, etc.

Globally Distributed Workflow

When it comes to businesses, the idea of having a globally distributed workflow is not new. However, it is new for the animation industry. Of course, it involves outsourcing but the animation work is best done in a collaborative way. To create a story full of potential, teams have to share their ideas and collaborate. The cloud has solved all the limitations in the connective technology. You can share ideas and still work on them if your teammates are sitting in another location or part of the world.

Animation Functions in Apps

App developers have started to notice the power of animation. Instead of using text or static images in their apps, they use functional animation to make the user interface interesting and grab the user’s attention. They are incorporating animation in navigational elements. Even in the content, the visual feedback they can create with 2D animation is beyond compare.

The Use of Hyper-Surrealism

Hyper-surrealism has been around since the 1970s but it has gained attention in the animation industry pretty recently. This trend involves the use of CGI imagery. The effects are created by combining fantastical imagery with photo-realistic elements. This helps create a dream-like world.

Other Developments in the Animation Industry

  • Digital communication has made team-work easier than ever. The film making space is smaller. So when cloud workflows are created, it improves coordination and allows everyone to access the resources in a better way.
  • We have access to faster and more convenient ways of doing things now. The animation industry has become technically superior and it’s on its way to complete maturity. The colors, image quality, and textural details are breathtaking.
  • Virtual Reality is offering new and thrilling ways to consume information and offer entertainment. Although the application of VR in animated movies is still in its exploration phase, some of the most compelling cinema formats are a work in progress. VR can give a dynamic storytelling direction. It could be used as a rich narrative device.
  • 3D printing is revolutionizing the animation industry as well. 3D printing lets you print props with great detail and finish. The great movies of all times such as Avengers used props made from 3D printing in the production.
  • Cameras are being used with depth sensors to capture each and every shot in wireframe. It is then translated into animation to line up with the characters in the movie. This technology is not suitable for each project, but it is certainly a sign that the animation industry is developing.

Summing Up

No doubt modern technology has played a vital role in boosting the popularity of the animation industry. Creating an animated movie or a clip is not as cheaper as Frontier Internet prices because it takes more than just a compelling idea to create an awe-inspiring experience. But the studios eventually recover from the revenues earned at the box-office as they win the hearts of the viewers.  

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