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How do big people on Instagram get discounts on various brands?

How do big people on Instagram get discounts on various brands?

Social media sites are central in advertising famous as well as less known brands and in influencing the buyer’s choices. Influencer Central found that Instagram users ranked Instagram 6thin the list of influences on their choice of what of products. Brands recognize the role Instagram can perform and the power the big users have in this role. These brands thus sponsor them to try to make use of this by getting users to advertise their product. Getting various discounts on Instagram by getting sponsored is not that hard a task if you know how to do it. Here is what you need to do:

Establish and specify your Brand:

You need to start by ensuring that you clearly know and define your niche; whether it is food related, about health or based on fashion. Being a good influencer includes having posts that are unique to you so that the followers recognize the posts as yours.  Also, try to link your profile to as many other accounts as possible or create a website with similar contentso that brands can distinguish how you can be beneficial to them.

Keep your audience in mind

If the company knows that you have a relevant audience whom you are well aware of, they are more likely to choose you to sponsor. This is one of the key ways to get sponsored and get discounts on brands. Knowing your audience —their age, gender, location, interests etc. — would be necessary because the brand must know who it can reach through you.

Try increasing your ig followers


The more followers you have, the more profit the companies will see in approaching you because that would mean access to a large audience. To gain more followers, make your posts discoverable. Use hash tags in your posts so that users can search your posts and follow you if they like.To maintain your existing followers post consistently so that your existing followers do not lose interest and un-follow you.

Use Geo tags

Geo tags are tags of particular locations. They will prove to be useful where brands are looking forward to reaching a certain demographic. When bloggers see that you tag for the certain geographical locations they want to approach, they will be likely to reach out to you.

Tag brands you want to sponsor you in your posts

Getting sponsored by various brands also requires you to tag brands in your post. Start slow. Begin by approaching small brands and make your way up. This is how you will be noticed by the brands. To prove that you would be a useful Instagrammer to approach, you need to be active in responding to the comments on the post in which you tagged the brand. This is how you make your profile noticeable to the brands looking to advertise their products. They recognize the potential benefit in using Instagram for their purpose and therefore these opportunities never end. It might look as if the platform is too crowded for you to get in but that is not true. The opportunities are numerous. Look for brands willing to sponsor your posts because it is mutually beneficial project.

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