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Digital Technology Is a Boon Jonah Engler Discusses How Digital Technology Has Impacted Modern Living

Digital Technology Is a Boon Jonah Engler Discusses How Digital Technology Has Impacted Modern Living

Digital technology has revolutionized modern life bringing along with it several benefits. It happens that today you are carrying more storage and computing power in your smartphones as compared to what was used for launching and landing the first-ever lunar module. Digital technology has radically changed almost all aspects of modern life. Work, shopping, travel, communications, and entertainment are a few areas that have been dramatically transformed in recent decades. Today it is quite difficult to come across an electronic device, gadget, or machinery without digital technology incorporated into it. 

Loosely speaking, digital technology implies devices that could be more compact, lighter, faster, and more versatile. Today the incredible amount of data and information could be stored remotely or locally and instantaneously moved around virtually. The very term ‘information’ has gone through an expansion and includes media like images, video, and audio. It is not restricted to only numbers and words.

As per experts at, we all are in the middle of specific transformative changes that seem to be modifying industries and businesses in very remarkable ways. The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution has been instrumental in bringing about an incredible metamorphosis in the manner in which the world and specifically your workplaces work just the way it happened in the earlier three revolutions. The latest fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by smart factories, intelligent robots, and connected machines that are not only transforming your workplaces but dramatically impacting professional functions like marketing. Jonah Engler points out to you precisely how digital technology has impacted various aspects of modern living.

Jonah Engler Says that Digital Technology Boosts Innovation & Agility

In business, we know that agility means the capability of improving continuously and developing quickly in terms of the digital processes. This inclination for innovation is regarded with high esteem across various industries. As far as, digital transformation initiatives are concerned, 68 percent of the organizations are ranking agility within the top three factors or considerations. Thanks to the perpetual changes, and rapid development of the entire digital landscape, there is no room for complacency on the part of the companies or no time for resting on their laurels.

Even the organizations on top should be prepared to accordingly adapt and innovate. You would always come across new tools, new competition, and new trends. With that the consumer would be forever demanding more, looking for faster and even better as compared to before. The key is to stay ready says, Jonah Engler.

Digital Technology Enhances Social Connectivity Says, Jonah Engler

Digital technology has made it immensely easier to connect and be in touch with family, friends, and even work remotely from some other part of the globe. You could communicate using not only words but also audio, video, and even exchange other media. Today right from websites, software, and apps have all been designed for assisting users so that they can socialize and interact actively. With social media, texting, messaging, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, everybody could stay connected in this highly digitalized world. Local events and news can update users regularly.

Digital Technology Updates Knowledge & Skillsets According to Jonah Engler

As new technologies come into play, there is a growing demand for many specialized skills. The digital business would be largely dependent on skill sets such as Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Growth Hacking, and Data Analytics or Data Exploration. By taking up the challenge of making the change, many businesses allow all their staff or employees to focus on developing skills and sound knowledge for the future. Engler feels that employees must equip themselves with accurate in-house knowledge for sustaining growth and gaining a competitive edge in this highly digitalized era. 

Jonah Engler Points out that Digital Technology Helps In Gaining Data-Based Insights

A major benefit of implementing digital technology is that it helps in driving data-based insights. Digital technology boasts of having the capability of tracking metrics and analyzing the data that is obtained during digital marketing endeavors. Businesses would be effectively optimizing their processes and stratagems by seamlessly using all these insights for achieving improved outcomes. In businesses, you must be concerned about a couple of things, revenues, and costs. You could make major modifications to both simply by seamlessly integrating and incorporating valuable data-based insights into the existing company culture. 

Utilizing data-driven insights for understanding clients could lead to hyper-personalization, real-time feedback, relevancy, and even agility. This would be involving businesses for making use of unstructured and structured data for driving the business’s transformation journey. In this digital era, you simply cannot undermine the critical role played by data in the decision-making process. With the perfect leadership for motivating this sort of an attitude throughout a company, the path to a relatively higher ROI would become really easier.

Digital Technology Revolutionizes Customer Experience Reiterates Jonah Engler

The entire world is obsessed with cutting-edge technology, apps, and social media for ensuring an easier life. Everyone is looking for perfect solutions to all their unique problems. It is of pivotal importance to get things done faster. The overall customer experience is of prime importance in the digital era. Hence, digital transformation emphasizes the use of advanced technology for improving the overall customer experience. Engler points out some of the key success factors boosting customer experience: 

· Increased agility & speed in insights

· Gaining customer adoption of all your digital customer journeys

· Develop agility while delivering journey transformations.

All those organizations that are actively involved in the digital revolution would be gaining certainly more respect, authority, and even trust. 

Digital technology has been instrumental in improving the overall customer experience. In the current highly-competitive world of business, it is crucial to understand your customers. If you want your business to grow and achieve success, you must focus on providing a robust customer experience. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is via valuable analytics. With everything digital, today businesses could be leveraging digital analytics for learning about the buying journey of their customer and understanding the perfect place and moment to engage them.  


Digital transformation is surely imperative currently for all businesses to succeed. It is known for encouraging the use of innovative and new business models and enhancing the overall experience of customers, employees, stakeholders, and partners through the effective implementation of technology. Technology is bringing together data, processes, and people for creating value for all your customers and maintaining a competitive edge. Digital transformation could boost customer satisfaction and profitability.

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