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5 Ways Digital PR Can Perk Up SEO Amidst COVID-19

5 Ways Digital PR Can Perk Up SEO Amidst COVID-19

If you want your company to stay at the top of the game, then this is the right time to promote and market your business to the public. Due to the current pandemic, people are more likely to use the internet, and it is the only way for them to stay connected to the real world. Therefore, if they see your business online, it will create a good impression, and people will remember your brand even if they are not purchasing at the current scenario.

Many companies are now focussing on their SEO than paid advertisements. This is to reduce overall marketing expenses. We all know that paid marketing like Google Ads or Facebook Ads needs a higher amount of money than SEO. Several businesses feel that Search Engine Optimization is the most effective and optimum way to promote and market the products/services at this time. In order to choose the Best SEO Services in Chennai, Here are some factors how good digital PR can help businesses to improve SEO.

Go Through all the Existing Content

It is now time to look through all your content and review it. The content that you have posted like blog posts, articles, infographics, white papers, ebook, webpage content and many more. Take time and make the list of topics of the material and thoroughly evaluate it and see where it can be further improved. Boost the blog posts, which are gaining more views and attention to improve the conversion rates. In this way, your website can garner more traffic which leads to improving SEO.

Collect Real-Time Feedback

If you have access to customers, employees and colleagues kindly ask them to genuinely give feedback of their experiences about the product/services you provide. It will provide you with an abundance of content ideas for blogs, social media posts, and other content releases.

Primarily collect information on how your products/services were useful in the middle of the pandemic. Showing real-life experiences will help to create a positive brand image and provides relatable content ideas.


The backlinks are undeniably an essential part of improving your SEO. Therefore, whenever your brand is mentioned, it is necessary to also link to your website. The brand mention is solely a shout out to your business, but backlinks are the ones that help your business to rank better in the SERP.

If any blogger or media outlet mentions your brand but did not provide a link, then politely mail them about requesting to link your site with all the necessary information. These backlinks are valuable to boost your SEO.

Pump Out More Content

Now is the right time to generate more blog posts and social media posts to boost your page and do not forget to link to your home page or specific target product page to the content. If you are writing guest blog posts, then make sure to link your website it helps in ranking your webpage better.

Gain Advantage Over Competitors

Due to the global pandemic, many businesses are not investing in marketing strategies or PR, and it will not be easy for those companies to recover from the loss of marketing. We cannot put the finger on how many days this pandemic is going to last, therefore, now is the right time to invest in digital PR and marketing to boost your business and stand out from those who are not investing.

In summary, PR and marketing are essential for businesses to improve their brand image and SEO, which further leads to more conversion rates. If you’re looking for top seo company in Chennai, search and choose the best one.

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