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How Custom Packaging Boxes Helps in Marketing?

How Custom Packaging Boxes Helps in Marketing?

Packaging and Marketing:

In today’s cut throat competitive environment, consumer is bombarded with many marketing tactics by manufacturing companies. 

The primary objective of packaging is to protect the product from any human hampering and environment tempering. But nowadays companies use packaging as a marketing instrument to boost the sales. Packaging plays an important role in luring customers, branding the products, increasing the brand visibility and providing the customer with relevant information. 

According to IPSOS survey more than 70% customers agreed that their purchasing decision was influenced by the packaging of products. Most of the people must have at one time or other purchase a product just because of its packaging.

Enhanced Brand Visibility:

Many researches showed that custom boxes wholesale alone has the power to enhance a brands visibility. Over the years product packaging has become as important as the product itself.  Almost 76% of buyers decision are made at the retail shelf about what to buy and what to not. Packaging can trigger the buying impulse in customers. A package that touches the heart of customer has the chance to get into the shopping basket.

Customer Attraction and Retention: 

The main purpose of packaging is to protect the product from human mishandling, environment extremities and other pollutants. It ensures customers receive the product in premium quality which build customer’s trust on brand.  Products are handled by different folks during shipment, storage and distribution. Proper packaging makes handling of product convenient and easy.

Packaging plays important role in setting impression of your product in consumers mind. We all know first impression matters a lot. Packaging is the first thing customer see when they enter a store. It the packaging is not impressive, no matter how amazing product is customer would never dare to touch the product. 

Information Center: 

Packaging having detailed information about the product is usually loved by customers. It not only helps customer to easily choose their required product but it also build a trust relationship between the product and its end user. Packages usually display important information about product. I-e nutrition, warning, direction for use, ingredients and many more. The more to the point information you provide, the more trust it will build with your customers. Many businesses take advantage to print their upcoming events and schemes on packaging to attract their customers.


Brand is a symbol, word or any specific mark that differentiates your business from others in market. No product can enter in market without its own unique brand. Packaging is very important tool for branding of products.  Brand identification is the only way to gain customer confidence. Unique logos and tagline on packaging helps business to mart a long lasting impression in customers mind. Brand identification is vital not for selling the product only but for the business as well. Consumers love to buy a product that is produced by a brand. For example if a local brand decides to sell a product in retail stores ,the package of the product carry a label which has restaurants name, logo and color scheme. As soon as consumer will see the package at retail stores yeah will identify the brand and will start to buy it.  Packaging help the consumer to identify the brand. 

Packaging Plays Pivotal role in Process of Decision Making.  

Packaging reaches everyone. Only a packaging alluringly designed has the ability to grab onlooker’s attention. Packaging gives brands an opportunity to market their products without spending an arm and leg. According to John McCabe “product packaging is considered as the ultimate opportunity for marketers to communicate the brand’s message visually”

Elegant designs and interesting aesthetics of packaging will attract the potential market.


Customer link packaging to quality of products. The astonishing the packaging the better packed item. Packaging is the final point of communication. It convinces customers about how useful the product is. Packaging is one of the important 5ps of marketing. Custom Boxes shows value of your product and displays it price. Best product need amazing packaging to represent it on retail shelves. Packaging incorporates all of your marketing strategies.

Packaging and Environment:

In today’s era where consumer is much concerned about its environment packaging plays an important role in satisfying customers. Companies now use material that is recyclable or reusable to play their part in green environment. Printing environment friendly tagline and logos that the packaging can be reused convinces environment conscious customers to choose that specific brand. For example many cosmetic companies print ‘not tested on animals’ to show customer that they really care for animals. 

Author Bio:

Sam Wilson did master’s in English literature and is now perusing M. Phil in the same field with a desire to be the best writer and share his thoughts with the World. He writes for marketing campaigns and Content writing companies professionally. He has been working with different organizations for content writing and articles.

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