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How Can You Delete Likes On Facebook?

How Can You Delete Likes On Facebook?

Facebook offers engagement by way of creating posts, sharing pictures or information. You get to see a number of posts created by your friends on your news feed whenever you log in to your Facebook account. Also, normally you give a like to the post whenever you like what you see or read. But in a case for some reason, if you want to, unlike the posts you have like earlier, it is very easy to do so. Also, you can always ask for help related to Facebook by getting in touch with Facebook Customer Service.

The easiest way to delete likes on Facebook is by using the Activity Log. Here are the simple steps that you can use to do the same via desktop and mobile:

Using Desktop

1. Open a browser on your desktop and log in to your Facebook account. You will see the news feed first.

2. From the top right corner of the page click on the down arrow icon that will show a drop-down menu.

3. From the options given in the menu, click on the option ‘Activity Log’ that will take you to the activity log page.

4. On the left side of the page, click on ‘Likes and Reactions’.

5. Look for the post you want to delete the like from and when you see it, click on the ‘Edit’ icon that will show you a drop-down menu.

6. From the menu, click on the ‘Unlike’ option. You can also remove the reaction from a post if you have done that earlier.

7. You need to follow the same process for every post you have liked or reacted to.

For any queries or issues, dial the Facebook Phone Number to directly talk to the technicians.

Using Mobile

1.Open the Facebook app on your phone and if you are not logged in already, log in using your account details.

2. Press the menu icon that is given in the form of three horizontal lines and a menu will appear.

3. Go down and click on ‘Settings and Privacy’ option. Doing this so will provide you with some additional options related to settings and privacy.

4. From the menu select the option that says ‘Settings’ and you will be directed towards the settings page.

5. Move further and click on the option ‘Activity Log’.

6. Press ‘Category’ and from the menu that you see.

7. Go down and select ‘Likes and Reactions’.

8. Now find the post you want to unlike and select the unlike option from the menu.

If you need any further help, make sure to call at the Facebook Support Phone Number. The technicians are always available to provide you help with adequate troubleshooting steps and techniques that will resolve your issue within an instant. Furthermore, you can call them anytime as they are working round the clock so that you can avail help whenever you face an issue. All the technicians are adequately trained and have appropriate knowledge that is needed to fix the technical glitches. so the next time you have a Facebook-related problem, give us a call right away.

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