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How can client reviews help you increase your visibility?

How can client reviews help you increase your visibility?

What are client reviews?

Online client reviews are the voice of marketing today. They can help you increase your business as much as crushing it if you do not deal with them the correct way. Therefore, a consumer can leave a review or comment after Fshahaving shopped at an online store or eating out in a restaurant. As a result of that, it will lead to higher visibility in Google or similar searching machines.

How does visibility affect your website?

It is obvious, that when your reviews increase it will affect your webpage positively. No matter if those comments or reviews are bad or good. In fact 2/3 of shoppers online say that reviews are essential for buying products online. After all, a study showed, that 91% of customers read online reviews. The algorithms and people alike tend to see your website as one of the leading in your business, which also leads to more perceptibility.

3 reasons why good reviews will help improve your business

improve your business

1. Reviews make you more visible

Everybody certainly knows that online reviews are the first thing you see, once you search for a product or store online. Since reviews or comments contain lots of data, they are comparable with food for the searching machines. Coming from that the specific store or webpage always has steady a pipeline of content to feed the searching machines with leads to SEO. As mentioned earlier studies have shown that more than 90% of consumers read online reviews. As a result of a good average of reviews, they will increase sales on your page and can possibly lead to more business.

2. They make you look more trustworthy

It has been proven, that new costumes tend to trust even strangers when it is about whether they buy a product or visit an online shop or not. This “social proof” is most effective if the reviews on your website contain a good average. Because after all, more than 50% of the consumers favour shops, with a rating of 4 stars or more. This result comes from the fact, that most of them mistrust a webpage that is of an over positively good rating.

So on the one hand, too good often seems to be fake or manipulated, since there are a lot of fake comments in the world wide web. On the other hand, a study showed that already a “one-star-uplift” can already boost up your sales from 5-10%. This “social trust” will, therefore, influence the decision making of customer and give them the feeling to literally be on the right page.

3. They increase conversation

Just like in real life, there will always be good and bad critics in the online world. In general, though, it does not matter if bad or good, there will always be a conversation about your products, your store or your webpage. Depending on how you use this option of communicating with your readers or customers, it can actually improve your rating or reviewing the situation.

Even bad reviews can help you if not even the most. Because when you receive a bad review, it gives you the perfect option to show that you care about your client and want to resolve whatever problem he has. The best way to get back to bad reviews is with a personal response and an immediate reply. So, all in all, communicating with your consumers will lead to more conversation, which will increase order sizes and rates and of course.


To put it all in a nutshell we can say, that how your ratings and reviews are stated online is very important. Furthermore, people talking about you can be good, no matter if the critics are good or bad. Following this, you can improve your ratings and show effort in taking care of your customers by communicating with them and analyzing their reviews.

How can I improve my reviews?

A) Display your reviews

Approaching your consumers correctly right from the beginning is really important. Show reviews right on the first page or create an extra page just to show what you got. Following that, you should explain really easy and precisely how to leave a review. Showing your client how it is done, helps you to get their attention. As well as that you can encourage them to leave a comment by offering discounts if they do. To ensure that you keep the reviews coming, you can do the following. Send automatic emails after every purchase to make sure, they are always reminded of leaving a review. Withal, it is easier for the consumer to leave a comment since their mind is mostly still on the product.

B) Get in touch with your consumers

Whenever you receive a review or a rating of a client, you should always get back to it. To let the consumer feel treated individually, always answer quickly and personal. Furthermore, you can offer to fix whatever problem there is, which can change the client’s mind intensely. Of course, this means that you should contact people with good and very bad reviews. As mentioned earlier, especially bad reviews are perfect for showing that you are taking an interest in your client.

With taking care of such problems there is a balance and more trust towards the customer. So if you take this chance correctly, you can join the conversation and act as a kind of “customer service” at the same time. Last but not least you should always show the importance of reviews, individually or overall. Having said that, you can, for example, use social media as assistance to report intense reviews.

C) Be honest, personal & open

As well as showing the importance of reviews you should reward them. So for example with discount offers or reposting the client on social media (of course only if the mentioned client is fine with that). To show your appreciation you can also write a personal email, to thank the client for rating or reviewing something. Furthermore, you should apologize if there are any mistakes and take care of them. Last but not least you can always ask for general ideas to improve the web page. As well as your online shop or even the service in a restaurant. This sums it all up and shows once more that you really take an interest in improving.

Written by: Leon

As an International Business Management Student, Leon is responsible for content creation and introducing to the UK market. So he can help businesses harness the power of client reviews to drastically increase sales. If you want to find out how you can work with Leon and his team, you can visit

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