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How Automation Save your Time using Selenium?

How Automation Save your Time using Selenium?

Automation, the term is more echoed these days in the IT industry, and many companies are showing interest in implementing automation in their workplace. But what makes Automation Testing so special that every company is looking to implement? Well, many people can’t understand the significance of even the idea of having automation testing in their projects. As the title reads, automation will be much helpful by saving a lot of time especially when it comes to regression testing. This can’t be achieved with manual testing, well regression testing can be done manually but automation does it with no time as the scripts are written already.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is pretty obvious that everyone can understand, pretty everything that is done in manual testing needs a human interaction every part of the testing. In the case of regression (retesting) when a new build comes then the tester needs to execute the positive and negative test cases every single time when the developer sends a new build. This is tedious and consumes a lot of time when compared to automation. Manual testing is being overtaken by automation as it is much faster and effective.

Automation Testing 

Now the scenario changes as automated test cases not fast in terms of minutes but in terms of milliseconds, this will help to execute all the test cases faster and also to complete the project on time. One of the biggest advantages of automation testing is that once the test cases are written then it can be automated without human interaction with the help of Jenkins, a software that is used for continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD). Even automation helps to interact with desktop standalone software applications as well as web applications. Since web applications are the most used by the users, Selenium being the dominant software tool among others in the market. Undergo Selenium training in Chennai to master Selenium automation.

Playing Role as a Developer

When it comes to manual testing testers are only limited to play the role as a tester, but when it comes to automation testers, they role-play as a developer too. Once a developer develops an application he or she needs to deploy it by converting it into a build, which the tester needs to test. But in case of automation, automation testers are required to deploy their test cases and convert it into a build as well. The developers’ build will be sent to production only when the automation testers’ build passes all the test cases, so it’s evident that automation works more like development. Undergoing Selenium training in Chennai will help you land a job in Chennai companies as it has a lot of opportunities. 


In today’s scenario of IT companies, regression testing is one of the most done work and this takes a lot of time. This is the reason why automation is preferred the most as it provides a lot of flexibility and fast execution by making the production faster.

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