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7 Ways in Which AI Is Transforming Our Workplace

7 Ways in Which AI Is Transforming Our Workplace

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. From automobiles to manufacturing to healthcare, you will find it everywhere. How will it impact your workplace? Can AI take your job and leave you jobless or is just the hype? What will your workplace look like a decade from now? In what ways does AI impact your workplace? If you are looking for answers to these questions, then you are at the right place.

In this article, you will learn about seven effective ways in which AI will revolutionize our workplace.

1. Creating New Jobs and Taking Old Ones

There is a lot of debate around whether AI will take your job or not. Some argue that AI will replace us while others think that it will create more jobs than it can take. According to statistics, AI will automate mundane tasks and create 58 million new jobs by 2022. The worst part about this is that it will hit the most vulnerable the hardest. If you work in a job that can easily be automated, your job might be at risk. All you must do is to learn new skills and adapt according to the changing times.

2. Hiring the Right Talent

What makes artificial intelligence and machine learning special is its ability to find useful patterns from massive data sets. This makes it an ideal technology to selecting the best candidates for a position. This means that AI can analyze thousands of resumes and profiles and gave you a list of candidates that you can call up for interview, saving your human resource department from a lot of time and hassle.

Companies like Arya are already leveraging AI to deliver intelligence driven talent acquisition solutions to organizations. AI can also be used to evaluate the skills, personality traits and even whether he or she is the right candidate for the position. Large scale enterprises such as Unilever and Vodafone is replacing human recruiters with artificial intelligence. Due to this, they have managed to save million of dollars and were able to screen more candidates in less time.

3. Productivity

Although, AI is acting as a facilitator right now by automating repetitive tasks but the day when AI will replace humans is not far away. This might not be good news for people who will lose their jobs but if you look at the bigger picture, replacing humans with AI will enhance the productivity. Unlike humans, robots don’t get sick and can work round the clock without getting tired. Due to this, more and more companies will replace their workforce with robots.

Even if they don’t replace their complete workforce with humans, they will certainly take the hybrid approach where robots will work alongside humans. This hybrid approach helps you employees to focus on more value driven activities while AI take care of monotonous tasks. This way, employees can get more meaningful work done in less time as they don’t have the pressure of those boring, repetitive tasks, they must perform every day.

4. Shift in Leadership and Culture

Most people are familiar about the impact AI will have on jobs and workers, but they are unaware of how AI revolution impact business leadership? With access to real time data, business leaders will have to take business decisions in real time. AI not only help you identify hidden opportunities you can capitalize on but can also automate your decision-making process in future, thanks to advanced automated analytics. This means that a digital marketing agency might not require a marketing manager to decide which communication and messaging is best.

Additionally, it can give your employees and employers advanced insights through predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics. This data driven approach to decision making will be a huge departure from traditional decision making, which relies heavily on experience and expertise. It will empower employees and help you reap the benefits of data analytics. Slowly, this will lead to a change in culture and business leaders must adapt accordingly.

5. Team Collaboration

As mentioned before, we might not see robots replacing humans completely. This process will take place slowly. First, humans will work alongside robots. To work efficiently with robots, it is important that humans and robots communicate and collaborate efficiently. According to a research conducted by Accenture, human-machine collaboration can boost productivity and revenue by 38%. With advanced AI systems in place, even your remote workers can capture, search and share information with one of your team located thousands of miles away.

Thanks to advancement in natural language processing and semantic search, finding the right information is no longer an issue. Google’s recent BERT update is a testament to that. Google is working on improving their algorithm so they can easily understand the context and intent behind your query and present you with the right results.

6. Smart Remote Work

We have already talked about how AI will impact hiring processes and you can apply the same formula when it comes to hiring remote workers. Telerobotics, a new branch of AI which deals with to robots that are remotely operated by humans. When combined with virtual reality, it can open new avenues for employees who want to work from home.

Let’s say you want to make money online as an online fitness trainer. With telerobotics, you can easily do that without being physically present at the gym. You can help them stay in shape and lose weight too.

7. Training and Development

Another area where AI will make its presence felt will be in training and development. The day when chatbot will be delivering training sessions are not far. More and more businesses will use chatbots to train their staff, which would not only reduce the cost but also save a lot of time.

Director of Learning and Development at Hodges-Mace, Miguel Caraballo said, “Imagine this, your rookie salesperson is about to visit a client. When she pulls into the parking lot, the company learning-bot pings her phone offering to show a micro-learning class about positive first impressions along with a link to the prospect’s ‘About Us’ page and her manager’s last coaching notes. Now that is a personalized learning experience.”

How has AI impacted your workplace? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Irfan Ak is a digital marketing strategist & a guest blogger on various websites. He is currently associated with leading app development company. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.

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