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Do’s and Don’ts During Hong Kong Macau Holidays

Do’s and Don’ts During Hong Kong Macau Holidays

A place of luxury shopping, high skyline-skyscrapers, mouth-watering dim sum, delightful neon light, umpteen number of places, fusion of eastern and western culture, who doesn’t want to explore. But these lively cities of China have a mammoth amount of activities which mesmerized the tourist by its glory and it becomes difficult for them to choose what to do, what not?

Before you fly off, put a glace on the checklist of the Do’s and Don’ts during your first Hong-Kong Macau Holidays.

Do have a Mouth-watering Dim Sum

Mouth-watering Dim Sum

The first and most appealing thing a visitor can never miss on their Hong-Kong Macau tour is Hong Kong’s Dim Sum which is not just a meal rather a way of life. Hong-Kong offers you to taste a variety of dishes, and more a bite-sized Dim Sum dishes like Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Barbecued Pork Puns, glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves, rice noodle rolls, Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce and of course much more. This is the most Heart-alluring things to do on a Hong-kong Macau trip.

Don’t be a Trotter

A city of a bustling crowd, if you walk like a snail and block someone’s way won’t be accepted in the Fast doers and walkers cities of China. Natives of these two places are very fast and swift in their lives and even they go irritated and aspirated so fast. So if visitors want to explore the city and grab the fun, they need to match the pace of the local population whether in restaurants or using public transport.

Do research on food places

These two beautiful places in China attracts the Top-Class chefs of the whole world, do not restrict yourself to just Chinese food if you are here to explore the globe. This place offers you worldwide food whether it a Thai-cuisine, French, African or Japanese. Experts from all over the world have opened their food places, hotels here.

If you want to explore more into the restaurant world and want to taste the most popular and signature dishes, visit this website OpenRice.

Don’t smoke in ‘No Smoking Zone’

Hong Kong Laws bans smoking in public places, whether it is a bar, restaurant, cafe, staying in hotels, office buildings, parks, beaches or shopping malls. If you caught smoking cigarettes in a restricted area, it is a strict rule to pay a fine of 800 USD. If you are looking to smoke in your hotel, then kindly make sure that your hotel allows it as some don’t.

Do Travel in Trams

Since 1904, Hong Kong Trams are running in the city which are cheap, slow and very reliable also it gives a better view of the city than M.T.R’s or private taxis. Sometimes these double-decker transport seems like relics of the traditional era. A rickety tram ride through the busiest island and the colorful streets is a uniquely charming way to get a visitor’s feel for the city.

Don’t only shop in malls

Although these islands have umpteen number of malls that doesn’t mean you only go for malls. There are tons of local shops in Tai Ping Shan, Chateau Zoobeetle and square streets. Making a move to such markets will make your pocket easy and give an insight into the local tradition and culture. And asking for a good bargain would be a better option.

Do flaunt yourself in-appropriate dress

If you are planning to go on a dine-in Ritzy places of the city, don’t forget to wear yourself in appropriate dresses or many dinner spots might not allow you to dine in.

Chinese natives are very particular with their dress code, so if you think to carry beach and casual wear then you are mistaken. Drape yourself in pride of dazzling colors which can make you feel more zestful and confident to have a dine-in your desired place.

Don’t travel only in MTR’s, especially in a rush-hour

Try not to travel in MTR’s on weekends or in a rush-hour from 7 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 7 pm. These rush-hours are full of commuters to and from work.

This would make you feel unpleasant and even sometimes feel lost in the crowd and you might miss your spot. In such a time duration double-decker Trams are most suited or you can go with the private taxis.

Do carry an Octopus Card

Octopus card is a prepaid-tap or a smart card like De-facto currency. If you are very particular with your time then this card would save you from many time-consuming payments. It can be used for all public transport such as MTR metros, Trams, Local Buses, Ferries or on a convenient store, supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, or any fast food places.

Carrying such a card would make your Hong-Kong Macau tour Ultra-Convenient and save your time from spending on fiddling with change. And the best thing is the unused amount will be refunded to you.

Do follow the Laws

Before ending the list of the Do’s and Don’t, here is the most important to follow. Chinese Laws are very strict and are inflicting enough to punish for very petty crimes. So kindly follow the rules levied by the Chinese Law and do not get carried away by words or your own desires.

It is also advisable to keep the number of your embassy as wherever you get stuck, they could coordinate with you.

Planning an exciting holidays to Hong-Kong Macau soon? Just have a look on the above-mentioned list of the Do’s and Don’t and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Make sure you carry all your important documents with you and keep in touch with your embassy team is very crucial.

Research well about the hotels before going to this place, you might offer interesting packages but things like scams, thefts, violence, cheating can spoil your tour. Just make sure to manage your choices according to the place and enjoy a safe, memorable, and happening journey.

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