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Home Security for 2020 – What to Expect?

Home Security for 2020 – What to Expect?

With a new year on the horizon, you may be making a list of things you want to do, change, or new goals you want to achieve. This is a great way to begin the new year, but is home security on your list? If not, it should be!

While there’s an array of innovative tech that can be used to improve home security, there are some basic things you should do that many people overlook. If you are ready to enhance your home security this year and give yourself the gift of peace of mind, keep reading. The home security tips here will help you do just that.

Update Your Locks

While there is an array of innovative and tech-savvy locks available to purchase for your home’s exterior doors, there’s still one that stands out above the rest – the tried and true deadbolt. This lock has a throw bolt, which is the part that goes into the door frame, that should extend deep into it. If you don’t have a deadbolt or the one you have isn’t working properly, now is the time to replace it.

Invest in Solid Doors

When it comes to home security, this recent blog post can help you know what to do, but something that can’t be overlooked is the door you have in place. Believe it or not, approximately 34 percent of all burglars go through the front door.

A great way to deter these individuals is by installing a solid door that is made from all wood or that is wood covered and enclosed in a steel shell. Make sure the door isn’t weaker than the lock that you install on it, either. It’s okay to choose a door that has small windows near the top. These aren’t going to impact the strength of the door itself.


You don’t have to have a four-legged friend the size of a small horse to deter a burglar. In fact, even a small dog’s bark can scare off a would-be intruder. If you are allergic to dogs, don’t feel bad you aren’t alone. Approximately 15 percent of the population is. You can still reap the benefits of a dog’s bark by using a recording device that mimics this sound.

Motion Lights

Installing lights with motion sensors is another smart idea. You can put these at various locations on the exterior of your house to light up dark areas when the sun comes down. When someone passes the covered area, the lights are going to come on, and alert you of movement while startling a possible burglar.

You can also choose solar-powered options if you want to avoid having to hard-wire lights in. Another option is to replace your older floodlights with fixtures that offer a wider light range and that have operation options of dusk-till-dawn. This will prevent you from having to worry about turning them on or off.

As you can see, it’s the simple things, in many cases, that will help your house be safer. Keep the information here in mind to ensure your family, home, and belongings are safe and secure in 2020.

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