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Most Fun Home Based Businesses

Most Fun Home Based Businesses

Whether due to the uncertainty of the current job market or sheer convenience, at least 50% of currently employed millennials are working as freelancers, and the same percentage of small home based business The benefits of such a lifestyle are obvious – no one to boss you around, no need to commute and having freedom in arranging your schedule are the first that cross one’s mind.

But, why wouldn’t you have some fun while you’re at it? Your job will only be successful as long as you are invested in it.

Let’s take a look at some of the most engaging home based business opportunities.

Freelance writer / eBook author

home based business

The best thing about freelance writing is that you don’t even need to be at home to do this job. As long as you have your trusted laptop and a stable Wi-Fi connection, you might as well be on the Bahamas. Of course, in order to be truly successful, you need to master grammar and editing, be capable to conduct independent research, and, of course, have a passion for writing. If you, by any chance, know multiple languages, you are in for a treat.

Social media manager home based business

In terms of freedom of conducting your job, being a social media manager is very similar to being a freelance writer. This time, though, instead of using your sharp writing skills, you are going to employ your rich social media experience. In order to do so, you will need to know by heart the lingo and sensibilities of each particular platform, be well-spoken, learn the mechanics of likes, retweets, and upvotes, and have some experience in tracking important metrics.

Brewing craft beer home based business

Craft beers are taking over the world. People are simply getting tired of same all brands and bland tastes and want a touch of personal flavor. Besides, craft beer packs more health benefits than red wine, so you are doing a good thing. Setting up a brewery will take some time – you will need to buy sterilizers, fragmentation bins and also find an experienced heat exchanger manufacturer that can deliver the right fit for your home. But, once the actual brewing starts, you will become addicted.

Pet sitter / Babysitter home based business

Putting these two together might seem awkward at first, but, essentially, they are the same job and share the same requirements. First, you have to have unconditional love for children/pets in order to do it. Second, you are going to make some adjustments to your home to make the best of it. Third, as time goes by and the list of clients grows, you will be able to turn your property into a full-blown childcare / pet-care center. And you will have a lot of fun doing what you love.

Video production

Making YouTube videos has quickly grown from something you do for fun. And to express opinions on various topics to a full-blown job that requires serious production. The list of successful YouTubers that have completely abandoned their jobs. And made a small fortune doing video production is pretty extensive. So, if you want to give it a try, find a topic you are truly passionate about, buy yourself shooting equipment, and be as charismatic as you can.

Arts and crafts

Much like brewing of craft beers, the recent resurgence of arts and crafts can be largely contributed. To the need for exciting, accessible and personalized products mass-producing industries fail to deliver. Just think about it – who wouldn’t like to have a personalized Game-of-Thrones tankard? Or retro-gaming ‘80s sweater? Or naturalistic-looking homemade flower-pot? The demand is there. If you have any interesting skills you’d like to share with the world, just do it.

We hope these home based business six ideas will finally help you pick up the courage to start your own business. At least, push you in the right direction to start developing business ideas of your own. Earning money can be fun. You only need to find the right opportunity.

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