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Hitting the Road? Take Your Workouts with You!

Hitting the Road? Take Your Workouts with You!

Traveling is a great way to expand your mind and break out of your everyday ruts. However, if you are working toward a goal —  let’s say exercising more and losing weight — travel can disrupt your routine and hinder your progress. But it doesn’t have to!

You can have your business trip or vacation and stay fit, too. It definitely takes some motivation and a little extra work on your part. However, you’ll be glad you stuck to your guns when you come back home and you haven’t lost any progress.

Make Exercise a Part of Sightseeing

Exploring a new city or area is a great way to fit in some cardio. Whether you get up before everyone else to run around the neighborhood or rent bikes for a city tour, you can get in miles of movement all while enjoying the surroundings. Cardio workouts are important for increasing your stamina, burning calories, increasing blood flow, reducing stress, boosting your energy and helping to prevent diseases including some types of cancer.

If your itinerary is already full of business meetings or activities, wake up 30 minutes earlier to get in a quick jog or walk around the neighborhood. The recommended amount of cardio for the average person is only 20 to 30 minutes three to five times a week, so it doesn’t have to eat up too much of your schedule. Bonus: You will have more energy for the remainder of your day.

Take Advantage of the Hotel Gym

Not all travel is for leisure. If your job sends you to a remote location, chances are they set you up in a hotel with a nice little gym included. Amenities are to be used, so don’t miss out! Even if you are not used to working out in a gym, you can do an easy beginner’s workout that will maintain muscle mass and cardio strength for the duration of your trip. Spend 20 to 30 minutes on your favorite cardio machine before picking up the weights for a thorough full-body workout.

Pack Some Gear

If you have a little room in your suitcase, you can pack some gear that will help you stay in shape while you’re away from home. Jump ropes, for example, are lightweight enough to throw in your carry-on without your shoulders ever noticing. They also provide an efficient workout while on the road and without gym access. Just 10 minutes jumping rope can burn more than 10 calories a minute all while sculpting your legs, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Of course, gear doesn’t always have to mean actual equipment. For example, a streaming stick with a robust selection of channels can help you connect with some easy-to-follow workout videos you can do from the comfort of your hotel room. If yoga’s your thing, pack your mat and spend some time following along with an instructional video before you head out for the day.

Travel with the Ultimate Workout Buddy

Traveling with your four-legged friend is a great way to ensure you will stay active while on vacation. Dogs need exercise just as much as humans do. When you bring along your pup, you can spend the day exploring and having outdoor adventures together while hiking, trail running, or checking out the local agility courses. Or, if your dog loves water, consider renting a kayak or canoe and exploring the local waterways. Not only will you be getting in some healthy and natural exercise, but you’ll also have an opportunity to bond with your pooch.

Travel doesn’t have to disrupt your workout routine. It may take a little motivation and a lot of commitment, but fitting in exercise while on the road will make it easier to get back into your routine when you’re home. Work cardio into your sightseeing by walking or renting bikes. Or, if your schedule is full, wake up 30 minutes earlier to get a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood. Take advantage of your hotel gym by using cardio machines and fitting in a beginner’s weight lifting routine. If a gym is not available, you can burn calories and tone with a lightweight jump rope that you can toss in your carry-on without notice. Finally, traveling with man’s best friend is a great way to ensure you stay active while on your business trip or vacation.

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