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7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Hire a Local SEO Firm

7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Hire a Local SEO Firm

Every business nowadays needs to optimize their website to sustain and increase traffic and, eventually, boost conversions and sales. Here, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a paramount role. Without SEO, a company loses track of the ever-changing search results and becomes irrelevant to changing customer behavior. 

If your company does not have an in-house SEO expert, it’s best to hire a local SEO firm to boost your company’s competitive advantage. Sure, there are mainstream or even multinational SEO firms offering such services, but experts advise starting with a local one.

Here are several reasons why hiring a local SEO firm is advantageous for your business.

It Fosters a More Effective Communication

In every successful business transaction, communication is imperative. Both players should thoroughly discuss the matters and help each other understand each point to ensure that everything is clear between them. That is why you need to properly communicate with an SEO firm personally to make sure that your digital marketing strategies are implemented correctly and effectively. 

Hiring a local firm such as Golden Search, in Seattle, makes communication faster and easier. Because both of you are in the same time zone, responses are prompt and timely. You’ll always have the option to personally meet, which is advantageous since you can have deliberation and not wait for each other’s email every time. 

Imagine when a sudden problem arises. You don’t have to fly somewhere or ride a ship to call for help. With a local SEO firm, you can easily access their services without so much effort and expense. That also saves you a lot of time.

Meeting in person also fosters a stronger trust and bond between each other. That’s because you get to see the facial expressions and mannerisms of the person. In every business, a healthy relationship with various stakeholders, including an SEO firm, is essential.

It Promotes a Focused Attention

One of the most practical advantages of hiring a local SEO firm is that it is focused on every need of the client compared to national or multinational SEO companies. That’s because mainstream SEO firms already have substantial clients meaning, they have less time and effort to devote to cater to the needs of all of them. That is not to say that they don’t produce quality service but that, sometimes, they may be too busy often to address every need. After all, they need to respond to all the demands while rushing to beat the deadlines. 

By hiring a local SEO firm, you’ll have higher chances of getting your SEO needs prioritizing. Since they have fewer clients, it’s more likely that they’ll implement SEO strategies more effectively. They may look at every component and angle of your SEO needs so they can devise and work out customized solutions. 

Some local SEO firms even offer their clients a chance to assess their performance and provide recommendations. You cannot or rarely do that when you’re dealing with large SEO firms. Moreover, it’ll be easier for you to compensate for rates/pricing. 

Expect High-quality Service

High-quality Service

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, local SEO firms have a fewer number of clients. This means they’ll provide more attention to your needs. That results in better service. Why so? Well, a local firm that doesn’t have significant clients would want to retain the minimum of clients that they have. 

For them, it’s not all about quantity but quality. And to be able to sustain their engagement and relationship with their clients, they need to ensure the quality of the service that they give to each client. 

Most local SEO firms are small compared to national/multinational companies. And as a business owner, you should know that they are pursuing growth. Therefore, they are banking on a good reputation and keeping that up. That compels them to always deliver exceptional results so their customers would continue patronizing them. 

It’s also an effective way for them to attract more possible customers in the future as the quality of their service can rapidly spread via word of mouth. High-Quality service can help them establish long-term relationships, which may eventually create good reviews and recommendations for other businesses. 

Better Understanding of the Target Market

In most cases, a local SEO company employs locals in its different operations, including top admin positions. If these locals are in the same community as you, that means they are aware of how everything works around your area. They know the possible issues/problems arising and the possible ways to address these. Moreover, they have a better and more in-depth understanding of what the locals would like to view on a website and what kind of technology or platform they mostly use. 

In other words, your local SEO firm would know what kind of strategies would attract the market since they already know and understand the target market. That will help them create content that attracts and engages the locals. They could be interested in watching infographics rather than long blocks of text. Or perhaps, they browse websites using their smartphones instead of desktop computers.

These kinds of data and information can help shape the most relevant and relatable content for the target market. The SEO firm would also focus on mobile optimization as most locals prefer using their phones than desktop computers. 

More Effective Social Media Strategies

Social media is one of the most useful tools in SEO. That is why a lot of companies have their own Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and YouTube channels. Social media helps attract more traffic to a website, increasing the SEO score of the company. The more people that social media drives to your site, the more Google will likely recognize your company’s authority, thus, ranking it higher on search results. 

Social Media Strategies

Social media platforms, however, are all very global in scope. Though there are platforms that cater to local situations, these are not as popular and effective. But if you know and understand your target market, you can focus your campaign on those who are your most probable clients instead of just anyone around the globe.

If you choose a local SEO company, you’re assured that they already have the data and information, such as the demographics that could help reach your target customers. They would also know which proper platforms to use and how to customize these to make the campaign more appealing. 

Since the employees of the SEO firm are locals themselves, they would know how to interact with your followers effectively. They would know how to craft the message in such a way that not only prompts awareness and understanding but also boost engagement and conversion. They know what kind of content they should be posting and sharing in a more customized approach. 

Customers also frequently resort to social media if they have questions about a specific product or service. Knowing who these customers are will help the SEO firm develop a more relatable content and conversation. 

Take Advantage of Local Keywords

Every community has their own set of slang terminologies or cultural expressions. What more if the neighborhood you’re targeting is composed of people from different countries or states. Admittedly, there are variations in the English language in terms of pronunciation, spelling, and meaning. 

The SEO firm, therefore, should know what these slang terminologies are and the differences in how the locals speak and associate the English language. In that way, these can be used to the company’s advantage. 

Regardless of what type of business you have, take note that there are hundreds or even thousands of competitors. Who knows? You might have competitors from your community, as well.

That is why it’s crucial to have an edge over your competitors so your business won’t get lost in the various options of customers. It’s imperative to have an offer or strategy that will make you stand out and be more appealing. That also spells the need to narrow down your target market to your local community first. You may still have competition, but not as many compared to when you were targeting a general audience. 

Experts would always advise on developing a niche first and targeting specific customers. As you master the system of attracting and engaging them to become loyal customers, you also create a set of skills needed. You can then expand your operations to a bigger market.

Another thing to consider are keywords that are essential for SEO. Instead of using general terms, you can use the slang words in your community. For instance, people from Wisconsin use the term bubble rather than water fountain. Thus, if your business in Wisconsin is a water fountain company, do focus on using the term bubbler. In short, speak the language of your target customers. 

You Contribute to Community Development

Local-based companies help employ the locals in the community. As a businessperson, you should also know that customers and clients keep a business running and growing. Therefore, if you choose local SEO companies, you are helping them grow and sustain the employment of the locals. 

As the local SEO companies grow, the more there are opportunities for employment. Add to this the growing tax that they pay for the community, which can then be used in building infrastructures or delivering essential social services. That’s a cycle that could help boost community-based development.

Because you support local businesses and help them grow, that means their employees earn income. These employees can then become your customers, as well. 


SEO is imperative if you want to sustain your business in this digital age. It’s essential so you can boost your online presence and gain considerable traction and subscription. As an entrepreneur, you have numerous options, so that it might get confusing. But then again, choosing a local SEO firm might be your best strategy. 

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