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Cost of hiring app developers in India to design an app

Cost of hiring app developers in India to design an app

For an application to become a success, it should have a good design. A well-designed app can bring more traffic, and convert users into leads which give a boost to ROI. The better the design of an app, the more your users will feel great in engaging with your app. Before directly diving into the cost of app designing, let’s first understand the stages of mobile app designing. 

There are a few steps that every mobile app passes through. Every app has the same Software development life cycle’ irrespective of what the category of the application is and who are the users. Here are the stages of app designing:

  1. Planning – A perfectly designed app needs great planning. Development of the software without proper planning is useless because you won’t be able to find out the weaknesses and strengths of the project without planning. Planning makes progress in the project flawless and easy.
  2. Analysis – The stage is mainly focused on analyzing the performance of the created software and making the note about what else would be needed. A good analysis is very crucial to move to the next step.
  3. Designing – Once you have formulated a plan and analyzed the requirements, designing can be started. Designing is basically creating the architecture of the software. In this step, a designer sets up a standard and sticks to it. 
  4. Development – Now, the actual work of development of software starts in this step. 
  5. Implementation – When the software is developed, its implementation comes in the picture where the final product goes under a study to find out if it is functioning properly.
  6. Testing – In this stage, the software is tested for some errors and bugs, and if found, it is corrected in this stage only.

Designing cost:

Not even a professional can tell initially how much a project is going to cost him. To estimate the cost of the project, a designer does decomposition means he breaks down the project into the steps and then makes an estimate for each step. Designing of an app is divided into two parts – user interface and user experience. 

  1. UI or User interface – It is the step about creating the visual part of an app and preparing all the required images and pics in any available tool like photoshop. 
  2. UX or User experience – It majorly focuses on the app’s usability. To make a good UX, a lot of efforts are needed. 

Most app developers India charge hourly rates which means they charge according to the time spent on the project. 

On what factors the costs of app designing depend?

The most important question that comes in mind is how to determine the cost of app designing. From the above description, it’s clear that an app designing needs good preparation. There are various factors that determine the cost of app designing:

  1. Market research
  2. UX design 
  3. UI design
  4. Creating a prototype
  5. Testing
  6. Project scale
  7. Platforms on which app is build (Android, web, ios)
  8. Time duration needed to design an app

The cost of creating a simple app is different from designing a complex platform. Different types of apps need different time duration. Take for example – designing of an on-demand food app needs almost 150 hours and designing of a messaging app like WhatsApp needs about 250 hours. Another thing to keep in mind is that the hourly rate of a designing team depends on two factors – first is on the client review and second is where the team is located. 

Cost of designing a mobile app – Android or iOS:

The application design of app may vary according to the device it is designed for. Designing an app for iOS is pricey because of Apple’s strict designing guidelines. 

iOS application designing – Apple has placed strict designing guidelines, and due to the limited range of iOS devices, designers know how their app will work and look on the device. Designing an iOS application is easy to test and fix. Therefore, estimating the cost of iOS app designing is not difficult. 

Android app designing – Designing Android app is a little tougher. Before hiring a designer, make sure that he is aware of the designing guidelines of the Play Store. There are many Android devices having different operating systems, custom features, versions etc. Making a design that fits all the devices is not possible unless you focus on limited OS versions and specific Android devices. Designing an Android app can cost you more or less depending on the goals that you have in your mind. If you want to cover maximum versions, the designing process will take the time 2-3 times more than the time needed to design an iOS app. On the other hand, focusing on the limited Android devices will cut down the price to 10-15%. 

Why is app designing so costly?

App designing is costly because even the simplest looking app is complex to design. In addition, there are some extra costs involved like salaries of the staff, office maintenance and other benefits. 

Any good application will have one thing in common, which is that they offer an excellent user experience. If your users find your app to be difficult to interact with, then your mobile app will completely fail. It’s a competitive world, where even a loss of one customer counts. 

An investment in UX brings 10 times return on investment. If you want your business to succeed, then hire the app developers in India who have impressive UX portfolios. Before hiring anyone, ask for the UX design samples and references. Spare some time to test the applications on which the designer has worked on to find out if his designs are good. 

Bottom line:

App designing plays a vital role in the success of your application. A bad app design having a bad logo, bad user interface, and low-quality images will make your application to have a low traffic, low ROI and bad reviews. Invest in the right designers who are professionals and know how to make an app beautiful. With the passing time, you will find that it’s the best investment that you have made for your business. 

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