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High paying Digital Marketing Jobs to shine your career

High paying Digital Marketing Jobs to shine your career

If you are looking forward to taking a step ahead into the digital marketing career, then you are thinking good as you are going to make a successful future. There are a number of career options in this field, so you should choose the one according to your interested skills.

Whatever business field you are in, digital marketing is there as each of the business has solid demand for it. So why not to choose this field as career?

Over here, I’m going to share some of the highest paying digital marketing jobs that will make you earn six-figure salaries.

So have a glance at what these are:

SEO/SMM Executives

One of the highest paying digital marketing jobs includes SEO analyst and social media marketing executive.

Search engine algorithm remains to change constantly. So it needs someone to stay updated with these changes and works for the business accordingly. Businesses need SEO to get traffic and rise in their business profit.

Making space in social media platform means to get a large audience and increase more leads. Social media has become a source of marketing more than just communicating.

So join an advanced SEO Training now!

Thus, an SEO and SMM executive are going to get highly paid. The average salary of a newcomer in this field earns up to 1,50,000 INR per annual. And a person having 2-3 years of experience gets up to 6,00,000 INR and this rises with experience.

Content Managers

Content writers and managers play a vital role in digital marketing. Without good content, it is tough to do SEO, SMM, email marketing and more. So, content managers are highly in demand for all kind of marketing tasks.

Content writers need to understand the value of social media strategy, creating SEO-friendly content, making impressive emails. Thus, they need to know how to write content for a particular marketing technique.

Moreover, content writers need to strategies how to write and what to write which can increase interest with users and customers. Thus there is heavy demand for content managers. If you are an expert in the field, you can also get extra freelancing projects for additional earnings.

If you have interest in writing, then you must go for this field as you may earn about 2,00,000 INR per annum for start and this could be increased up to 10,00,000 INR per annum with just experience of 4-5 years.

Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing is the way to reach your target audience fast and alert them about your services and offers. Email marketers need to write impressively with the strongest modes.

Email marketing works for lead generation and tells the customers what you are going to do. Thus, it works effectively only if you know the techniques to create the right campaign.

The average salary of email marketers’ starts with 90,000 INR per annum and it increases with the level of experience.

AI Specialists

One of the brilliant upcoming technologies includes AI or Artificial Intelligence. If you are living with the latest updates, you must have heard about this. With the increase in big data, some strategies need to be developing for handling such data of digital marketing.

It needs to have knowledge of machine learning as well as data handling. So if you are interested in such a field and have knowledge of programming, then the job will fit for you.

AI specialists are highly in demand as this field will not be going down in the future. They are paid around 1,20,000 INR per year for starting it rises accordingly with the experience and the great work you do in this field.

UX Designers

UX or User Experience is the most wanted choice of customers right now. The simple design in an impactful way for users to learn is the idea that is revolving around the market. UX designs can make the customer opt the product by attracting to its unique patterns.

So, UX designers need to have skills for creating impactful designs for enhancing online business. Thus, UX designers have a high demand in the online marketing field.

A UX designer as a fresher can earn up to 1,20,000 INR- 2,00,000 INR yearly. This earning increase with the increment of your skills and you create more impactful and innovative designs.

PPC Manager

If you are an expert in Google Analytics and like to bid or share marketing, then this job perfectly fits for you. A pay per click manager works on ads such as to gain big profits with the smallest spending. This job also has a huge demand and a bright future scope.

In consideration of pay scale, PPC manager can earn up to Rs.1,50,000 INR per annum and will get double within a few years of experience.  

About Author:  Deepika Arora | Digital Marketing Analyst | 21 | Female

Hey, I’m a digital marketing analyst in Dealsshutter and involved in advertising and creation. I become a writer by profession and get influenced by passion. I like to inspire and get inspired. Believe in doing Good, Better and Best. And never let it rest!

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