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The Impact Health and Fitness Apps Are Having On Exercise Habits and Routine

The Impact Health and Fitness Apps Are Having On Exercise Habits and Routine

Smartphones are ubiquitous, in the hands of virtually every person and an essential part of their everyday lives. With more Canadians incorporating exercise into their daily routine, many app companies have designed health and fitness apps to support their fitness objectives. Overall, there are approximately 259,000 fitness apps available, but the question is whether or not they are beneficial in helping people through their fitness journey. In 2017, a study found that one third of Canadians had an app on their smartphone to track their health and fitness. Fitness and health apps have grown in popularity primarily due to their convenience, easy-use and often being free or relatively affordable.

It’s irrefutable that fitness and health apps are beloved by both fitness fanatics and recreational athletes alike. But are mobile fitness apps actually effective in supporting and even progressing overall health and wellness? In this article, we break down health and fitness app features, their advantages and how they are impacting mobile users.

Health and Fitness Apps Development 

In today’s ever-changing digital world, mobile users have an app for virtually everything, especially to support them in their daily routines. Smartphones have progressed and completely transformed the way we operate. Since the development of health and fitness apps, the way we exercise and access to various athletic tools and exercises have become extremely convenient. These apps have provided mobile users with interactive, easy-to-use and creative solutions to help navigate through a workout. In addition, gym memberships are expensive and personal trainers require a significant amount of your time, which is why more people desire a more accessible and affordable way to work out.

In May 2019, there were over 143 available Health and Fitness apps in the Google Play and a 2018 survey found that 42% of American adults used some sort of technology to measure and track their health and fitness goals.

The Key Features That Make Up A Health and Fitness App

With such a variety of differing apps and ways to track your health and fitness digitally, some are more viable than others. Although they may equally advertise and promote the same objectives and features, it’s important to know what to look for in an effective health and fitness app. The three takeaways to look for when choosing a health and fitness app include:

  • Targeted Training: Every individual has a different body type and their health and fitness plan needs to accommodate that. Finding a platform that makes it easy for clients to improve themselves is necessary. Targeted training for mobile users plans workouts, tips and techniques accordingly and records the user’s data, improvements and areas of struggle. An app or fitness program should input and keep track of data on user weight, height, fitness experience and level and ultimate goals.
    • Health apps, especially for food and wellness, should also provide users with healthy, well-balanced meals that support their fitness and health goals and even allow them to reach these goals more quickly.
  • Professional Coaching and Accurate Information: All users expect the fitness and health programs to provide them with accurate, well-researched and informative information as well as coaching. If the app was designed by fitness professionals, it should provide users with educational health content and tips along with a community that they can discuss their goals, improvements and struggles with. Many health and fitness programs will provide workout videos, tutorials and training sessions. Some health apps will provide recipes, cooking videos and products to buy to help users achieve their health goals. 

Why Choose A Fitness Or Health/Wellness App

If you’re interested in taking your health and fitness digitally but aren’t completely aware of the advantages, here are some:

  • Accessible and Convenient: Having access to your fitness tracker, objectives and the ability to look up videos, recipes or quick tips on-the-go is extremely convenient. Making time to go to the gym or meet with your personal trainer is not always possible. Apps prevent excuses and make working out and staying healthy accessible and right at your fingertips.
  • Easy-To-Use: Health and fitness digital platforms are designed to navigate and understand the user interface. Gathering data on demographics such as age, sex, weight and other pertinent information regarding the user’s health goals and wellness.
  • Motivational: Gyms can often be isolating, even though you’re surrounded by others. Health and fitness apps create an online community to allow other users to connect, reflect on their progress, discuss workouts and recipes with others and most importantly, encourage each other to achieve their goals. Users that may be more experienced and skilled with certain workouts or cooking certain meals can influence and motivate others in a positive way.

Goji Technology Corporation created the GOJI Wellness App in 2018 to motivate, educate, inform and inspire action together as a community. Connecting users in their pursuit to achieving a healthier lifestyle is made possible with the support and advice of GOJI health and wellness experts along with thousands of other health-minded users. GOJI Wellness App allows users to:

  • Posts & Videos: Make posts, images and blogs of your experience, recipes, inquiries.
  • Create Account: Allows business users to create a free account to let clients know who they are.
  • List Classes and Services: Easily post the services and classes your business has to offer in easy steps, take payments online with a low transaction fee.
  • Local: Access to all local health and wellness information in one clean, easy-to-use, concise platform. 

GOJI is a platform designed for health and wellness businesses to ensure they attract and retain the right clientele. No hassle for your clients or you, this allows your business to grow online and thrive.

Learn more about GOJI’s inspirational story and community at:

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Ellie King is a Content Writer for BreezeMaxWeb: Online Media Solutions, helping clients rank higher on Google through crafting blogs and website content. Outside of work, Ellie likes to spend time reading, watching documentaries and hiking.

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