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The A-Z Guide to Running Live Webinars

The A-Z Guide to Running Live Webinars


Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, the forced lockdowns, quarantine and social distancing practices are creating more hardcore netizens. The Internet, being the only safe portal to the outside world, some of the underrated or underused features provided by the internet are getting resurrected again. 

An introduction to Webinars

A webinar is one such term that gained a lot of popularity recently and is one of the most underutilized features in the digital world. The webinar, as its name suggests, is nothing but a seminar, conducted online. 

It is a live session hosted with the help of webinar software, which sets up a connection to any person in the world with an internet connection, to join the session hosted by you.  

It is a great means to interact with people, especially for marketing purposes. It provides you with real insights on the customer reviews and feedback, expectations from the product or service, etc. 

Apparatus required to Host a Live Webinar Session

Hosting a webinar is quite easy with the following apparatus set and great content to deliver. You need to register yourself for a good webinar platform online, for example, ClickMeeting. After creating an account, you can set up a webinar session anytime according to your convenience. 

All you need is a 

  • Smartphone or Tablet or PC 
  • A good and stable internet connection
  • Headphones (preferably with a mic)
  • Above all a great and engaging content

Steps for Webinar Preparation

Great and appealing content is the backbone of a webinar session. You need to make sure that you do enough homework and prepare yourself for the session. Follow these steps and remember the points to successfully deliver dynamic content through your webinar session. 

  • The content you decide upon must be of a topic that interests the audience and a trending one. 
  • Set the time and date by keeping in mind the location and convenience of the audience. 
  • From the registration, link to follow up, keep track of everything.
  • There’s nothing wrong with giving multiple numbers of trial sessions before the actual webinar. 

Difficulty finding an appropriate niche or topic?

It is absolutely a common thing when you are confused about what to talk about and which topic to choose and from what niche. In that case, choosing an appropriate type of webinar may help you with the topic to talk about. 

  • Webinars on product demo where you can showcase the activities and features of your product. 
  • Webinars for discussion about a trending topic.
  • Webinars for teaching students or anything related to academic webinars. 
  • Webinars to motivate and train the audience to improve their skills and efficiency.
  • Webinars where the audience can ask questions about a particular topic, which is a matter of interest to them, etc. 

Ways for Promotion of a Webinar

How will the people know about the webinar that you are going to host? 

You have to make use of every possible channel or means to promote your webinar session. 

  • You can make use of social media platforms, even use their promotional tools to reach more people. 
  • Make use of the recipients of your email to share the details of your webinar session.
  • You can post and discuss the details of the webinar session, topics you are covering, how it is going to be beneficial, etc. 

Tips for Preparation of Webinar Content

The task doesn’t end with picking a niche or topic to talk about. The content, once again, needs to be appealing and really engaging. 

  • Start with attention-catching introduction for nearly 5 minutes.
  • Gradually move on to the core of the topic, keep it for the timing of 25-30 minutes, according to your convenience.
  • The last 10 minutes of the webinar session should be dedicated for Question and Answers. 
  • Make use of attractive slides to keep the audience engaged. 
  • Practice well and work on the content multiple times. 
  • Do enough trial runs, until you feel confident. 

Lead Generation and List Building Using Webinars

Webinars can be a good source of list building and lead generation once it’s put into the right use. You can carry out these tasks by:

  • The audience has to complete a registration process prior to the webinar session.
  • What are the details which need to be filled by the audience in the registration form is up to you. 
  • This list can be used for further eMail listings or other similar tasks. 

Costs of hosting a webinar

Even though webinars are highly effective in data collection and promotion, it involves some costs to be covered which needs to be taken into consideration. 

  • The cost of the equipment used for Webinar
  • A high-speed internet connection 
  • The platforms or software used will charge a certain amount for hosting webinars
  • The efforts, time, homework, etc put on the preparation of the webinar.
  • Promotional costs, if any, for social media or other kinds of webinar promotions. 
  • Speakers you invited for hosting the webinar session, professionals who charge for their time. 

Perks of having a Guest Speaker in a webinar

It is indeed a great idea to have a professional guest speaker with you to host the webinar session. Some of the perks of having a guest speaker are:

  • Better reach and a definite increase in the number of audiences.
  • Endorsement of your products through the guest speakers.
  • The content will be more engaging, fun, and intriguing.
  • They have a lot of experience, know how to handle the session without pressure.
  • The risks are shared with a professional who will have your back.
  • Your public image improves, including the business. 

Problems you may encounter and how to tackle

A webinar session isn’t always a walk in the park. You may have to face a lot of issues while trying to complete a smooth run, including;

  • The malfunctioning of the system or the device used. To solve this issue make sure the device and system are in perfect condition and fully charged.
  • Unstable internet connectivity, which is again not in the hands of the host. You can make attempts to host the session from a location with maximum connectivity. 
  • Sometimes even the microphone can fail, requiring a double check.
  • The absence of the guest speaker, after the announcement, which is indeed devastating. Cross-check again and again to make sure they are present for hosting the webinar. 

Branding of Webinar 

Why should you brand your webinar? It is important for the following reasons;

  • Branding is a sign of recognition, a sense of being part of something big and authentic.
  • It can give your brand a competitive advantage if everything’s in the right place.
  • Hosting a webinar on behalf of the brand gives it a professional outlook. 
  • Contributes to CRM on a large scale by establishing a relationship with the customers. 

Perks of a live webinar

What makes it necessary to shoot a live webinar? 

  • Not even half of the audience will join the webinar on time, so it is easy to catch up with a live webinar.
  • The content delivered will be raw and from the heart which will leave a good impression among the audience.
  • The trial runs before the live show is a great space to workout.
  • Keep backups and save the files which can be accessed anytime.

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