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How A Guest Posting Company Can Help Grow Your Online Audience

How A Guest Posting Company Can Help Grow Your Online Audience


In the past few years, brands and agencies have been actively trying to find the best guest posting company. This is because they have realised the value and importance of guest posting as one of the most successful digital marketing strategies ever.

Guest Posting is a strategy in which a host website or publisher creates content that is published on an external website. The purpose of creating the content and requesting someone else to publish it can bring about many benefits.

In this article, we will look at how a Guest Posting Company can help grow your Online Audience-

  • What is a Guest Posting Company?
  • What are some of the SOWs a guest posting company helps with?
  • Is it better doing guest posting manually or through an agency?
  • How can I choose the perfect guest posting services for my brand?

Guest Posting Company: Meaning and Definition

A Guest Posting Company offers a complete set of services related to Guest Posting and Digital Marketing. You can think of them as a one-stop shop for all your needs related to Link Building, Promotions, Branding, Sales and Marketing.

As we have already mentioned, guest posting is one of the most lucrative digital marketing strategies. Some of the best Guest Posting Companies offer complete White Hat Guest Posting Services. This helps them work according to Google’s Quality Guidelines and steadily improve the performance of their brand websites.

Guest Posting is not an easy strategy to pull off successfully. It requires a lot of planning, strategy and negotiations. Most often than not, brands or individuals do not have the time, effort or knowhow to execute the strategy. This is the reason why Guest Posting Companies and Agencies are coming up with specialized services for brands and individuals.

The best Guest Posting companies are built on diversified and specialized teams. In my experience, I have seen individuals execute the following professional roles-

  1. Outreach Specialists- They are the ones who mail external publishers and pitch them content pieces on your behalf. They also do almost all the negotiations.
  2. SEO Experts- They are in charge of doing Keyword Research and Topic Research. They work very closely with the Outreach team and optimize the processes.
  3. Content Writers- They create original, authentic and informative content, which is irresistible to publishers.

How can a Guest Posting Company help grow your Website Traffic?

The entire digital marketing ecosystem loves guest posting as it is offers 360-degree benefits for a brand’s performance. However, most SEOs and agencies make the mistake of equating guest posting with link building.

While link building is one of the benefits or offshoots of guest posting, the strategy also works to benefit in other ways. One of the biggest advantages of strategic guest posting is increase in website traffic.

In the following section, we will look at how a guest posting company can help you with increasing website traffic-

1. Using Advanced SEO Tools and Data-

The best Guest Posting Companies use Paid Subscription Tools like Ahrefs, MOZ, SemRush and others to execute their strategies. Free tools do not offer as much data and information when it comes to extracting the best.

Unless you are a big company, you will not be in a position to invest around $500 USD per month just for tools. By working with a specialized guest posting agency, you can be sure that your efforts are being driven by data.

2. Content, Topic and Keyword Research-

We have already mentioned how agencies work with individuals and skills that help in specialization. An in-house team cannot match the experience, expertise and professionalism of agencies. By aligning their operations at every step of the way, they minimise failures and deliveries.

With years of experience, they are familiar with what kind of content works best and how to create the same. This will be amplified by using the right topics, keywords and content creation that will encourage readers to click on the links and increase website traffic.

3. Outreach Capabilities, Negotiations and Decision Making-

The best guest posting agencies have experienced outreach teams, which negotiate, contact and convince publishers. In many ways, this aspect of the strategy is where most fail at guest posting services.

There are certain key decisions that need to be taken. There might be choices between Traffic and Site Metrics. If a brand wants to target traffic figures, the outreach will focus on websites, which have high traffic volumes.

4. Relationships are maintained and nurtured-

Publishers might be wary of working with brands or individuals who they are unfamiliar. There might be hesitations and doubts. Agencies maintain databases of thousands of publishers who accept guest posts, either in an organic fashion, or in a paid fashion.

Further, because of them already having relationships, the processes align much more successfully and deliveries take place in a time bound fashion. Brands can experience for them how the process gets accelerated ten time over.

5. Following Up, Feedback and Reporting-

By fixing accountability and responsibility, brands can dedicate their energies towards fixing different aspects of their business. The traffic increase, link building and other aspects can be taken care of by specialized guest posting companies.

Some publishers might require following up, or content pieces might need last minute changes. All these processes take up a lot of time and energy. However, a guest posting company has the expertise to deal with them on a priority basis.


Through this article, we have tried to shed light on some benefits, features and ease of working with guest posting companies. If you are a brand or an individual who wants to see immediate results from guest posting, you might have gained some clarity post this article.

Being one of the most successful digital marketing strategies, guest posting is necessary for a brand. This helps in optimizing performance, reaching new target audiences and exploring new geographies.

Please share your thoughts on the article and add value in the comments section below. What do you think is better- doing manual guest posting or working with a specialized guest posting company?

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