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Guest Post outreach tips for beginners

Guest Post outreach tips for beginners

Guest post outreach helps the blogger to establish relations with other existing bloggers and work together to create contents for promoting a brand product or service. If you are a beginner in this world you may not know the ways to establish and maintain relations with other bloggers. In this article you will get an idea of some of the basic ways by which you can build relations.

Find bloggers

You will find many bloggers in the beginning because you are new to this field and you will find many people who are already present and working. But it can be daunting after a year or so when all the contacts have been exhausted. As a guest post blogger you will have to just search in Google about the guest post authors. Google will give you hundreds and thousands of contacts. You must only be careful while putting the commands. The commands must be clear so that you get the desired results for your search. You can also use Mention. It is a media monitoring tool that helps you find influencers.

Choose a way to outreach

The three main ways to outreach are – Newsletter, Personal mail and social media platforms. Newsletters are the best way to reach many bloggers. You can send email to many bloggers at one click. It saves your time too. Personal emails are time consuming but it is worth doing because it is very appealing and it has a personal touch. You can also use social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with many other influencers.

Submit good format emails

You will need to put your name and position. Give brief information about your company and the reason you are reaching out. Attach your best written samples and tell the benefits the blogger will experience with this collaboration. 

Finding email address can be tough

Many guest post website owners hide their email address while many owners go out of their way to promote their website. They add themselves in the directories and it is very easy to find them. You can also find the hidden guest post website owners by putting only their names in various sites. You can also use some tools like Followerwonk and the like.

Try Twitter’s Search

You can find many bloggers and influencers by putting the right hash tags and searching. You will find many journalists and bloggers relevant to your niche.

Guest Posting ideas

You can research the topics that have worked well in the past with the already established bloggers. You can take ideas from some headlines also.


You must make sure that your profile is authentic because it will attract outreach targets. You can also participate in relevant conversation to show your interest in that niche.

Contact bloggers relevant to your niche

Sometimes you do not need to make efforts to find influencers because as a guest post blogger you can find influencers and bloggers under your relevant niche.

Make lists

You can make lists of the bloggers that you have contacted. You can also make lists of the prospective bloggers that you have marked as your outreach target. 

Follow up

After you have sent emails or newsletters to the bloggers you need to remind them about your email because bloggers get a number of emails each day and your email might be missed.

Submit guest posts in the appropriate format to get noticed easily. Guest post blogging can be difficult for the beginners but as you go down the path it will become very easy for you.

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