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Grocery Apps – A Helping Hand Amid COVID-19

Grocery Apps – A Helping Hand Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has locked us up in our homes.

Fear creeps into our minds whenever the need arises to step out as the essentials run out of stock.

The local stores have limited working hours with people pouring in and panic buying.

This contagious virus is a real threat to the world!

In such a crisis period, technology advancement has proved to be the savior.

Quite literally!

We are talking about grocery apps.


The grocery apps are now the major source of our daily needs.

The lockdown has seen a surge in online grocery orders with the essential products now being delivered to the respective houses. Thanks to these apps, the common people can now skip the long queues and going out in the pandemic.

The facts will amaze you!

The Statista report reveals, from February to mid-March, the well-know grocery app in the USA, Instacart, witnessed the download of its app grow by 218% amid the coronavirus outbreak while Walmart Grocery app download hiked up by 160%.

You can also take this current situation into your own stride and turn it into a business opportunity.

Create your own grocery app and make it big in no time!

Moreover, this will also stand out to be a chance to give back to the society amid this dire straits.

So, if you are up for your online grocery store, make sure you get a flutter grocery app.

Thinking why suddenly a Flutter app?

Well, here goes the reason.

Flutter eCommerce App Development

Flutter technology is getting increasingly popular in recent days.

And why not?

After all, you get to build natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop by coding only once.

Moreover, the expressive and beautiful UIs, which are Flutter’s built-in features, will surely delight your app users.

Flutter eCommerce app development can be the perfect solution for your grocery app as it poses minimal risk to your business, considering the stability and high performance of the platform.

Now, moving forward, let’s know more about the types and features of a typical grocery app.

Happy Reading!

Types Of Grocery Apps

Before getting into the grocery app development, let us know the basic types of grocery apps in the market:

Aggregator app

In this type of app, you can list the available grocery stores nearby and give the customers the power to choose their favorite grocery stores and place their orders. The payments and the delivery will be managed by the stores directly.

Single e-store app

In this type of app, you can create a personalized grocery store and help your customers to place orders. All you need to have is a payment team to manage your payments and a delivery team to manage the deliveries.

Features Of A Good Grocery App

The grocery app development process is a systematic one and all focus must be on the customer’s convenience. Unlike other eCommerce app development processes, grocery app development involves certain aspects of procurement and logistics.

The major features that make a great online grocery store app are the following:


The registration process must be a simple one and easy for the customers. After the registration process, the users must have the ability to log in using their OTP and their social media platforms. The idea behind registration is to provide prioritized and targeted services to the customers.

Product listing

Remember that your online grocery store and your app must have your product listings and images. Take it as a virtual grocery store and go for a 3D view of all your products. Avoid using photoshopped images and provide real photos. This will click more with the customers, and the chance of buying will increase.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart is the place where all the selected orders are placed before order confirmation. Give your customers the ability to add, remove, and modify the cart before confirming the order. Add a quick view of the cart before placing the final order.

Reorder feature

Due to the frequent lockdown in the country, customers tend to think in a very cautious way. There might be a chance that the customers frequently order from your grocery store and app to stock up their essentials. Add the reorder feature to facilitate their order placements.

Search and advanced search

The search feature is one of the most underrated features of an online grocery app. The customers must be searching for a specific item and the search feature will help them get the desired product. The advanced search option filters out and shows the results to the customers.

Order tracking

After placing the final order, the customers will eagerly wait for the order to reach their doorstep. To feed their curious minds, add an order tracking feature so that they can track their orders, and estimate the arrival date and time.

Ensure a contactless delivery to the customer’s doorstep.

Payment modes

In this severe contagion, the contactless transaction is the need of the hour. So choose your payment modes wisely.

There are several postpaid and prepaid mobile wallets that are known for their instant payment systems. There are some popular payment mediums such as UPI, credit cards, debit cards, OXIGEN, PayPal, and many more. Make sure you have enough payment options for the customers.

Retargeting with discounts

Push notifications come into play int his aspect. You might have come across such deals and discount coupons which have enticed you to make a purchase online. Yes, discount coupons do work in the online market and your grocery app needs to adopt the same strategy. Retarget your customers with exciting deals and discounts and convert them into regular and loyal customers.

Final Thoughts

The grocery business in the online market is boosting in recent times for obvious reasons. Make sure you offer the contactless delivery and payment facilities in your app. You can hire a prominent eCommerce app development company to get the job done. The professionals in such companies will equip your app with all the necessary features to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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