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App For Lawn Work “Uber For Lawn Care” Connects Users With Service Providers

App For Lawn Work “Uber For Lawn Care” Connects Users With Service Providers

Uber for Lawn Care is the latest in the On Demand App sector that has made new ripples in the industry. The format of the On Demand business was brought out into the world with the beginning of Uber. However, today, the on demand concept is not limited to just taxis. There is much more to it than just that.

If there is any kind of service which involves service providers and Users, an app like Uber can be used to hire such services. The latest in the market is the Uber for Lawn care app. This app basically helps Users connect with lawn care professionals.

uber for lawn care

Why Lawn Care?

Working on the lawns is not something that a lot of people like doing. It is a lot of hard work and takes up a lot of time. This is why; most people prefer to outsource such services. Since the professionals are handling it, there is hardly any way that you can go wrong with it and moreover, it ends up saving a lot of time and energy of the users.

Earlier, one would have to rely on word of mouth. Alternatively, they could place phone calls to search for, find out and make bookings of such services. With the introduction of these apps, it is now possible for the people to actually conduct quick searches right on the app and make direct bookings.

How does the uber for lawn care app work?

The app basically requires the users to download and log in to it. Then they have to mention their address and other details which build their profile. In the next step, they can select the service that they require.

So, let’s take an example of someone who needs lawn mowing service for their office garden. They can log into the app and mention their office address. Then, they can select Lawn Mowing, the area that needs to be mowed, etc. The app will give them an estimate of the job. The customer can see the estimate before he actually makes the booking, so he has a clear idea of what the charges are going to be like.

What do they say?

GreenPal is the uber for Lawn care app in a discussion. It has become a platform which allows users to connect with the service providers, quickly and easily. Right now, GreenPal is operational in 22 states and has imminent plans of expansion.

The co-founder of GreenPal, Gene Caballero says that “Homeowners can pick who they want to work with based on ratings, based on reviews and based with a price.” He explains how a simple process makes a booking for lawn services absolutely easy and hassle-free.

According to Corey Husar, the owner of Husar Lawn & Garden, “It’s really taking away that fear of bringing a stranger to your house. It has definitely spring-boarded my business forward by giving me more customers and more opportunities to reach my customers.”

The app owner claims that the whole objective of making an app based platform to hire such services is to ensure that the service providers are vetted. In a statement made by Caballero, he claims, “We are doing everything we can legally to make sure the guy is who he says he is.”

Since this is a free application, more and more people are beginning to download and use this app. This app has resulted in a spike in the business of all the lawn care professionals and companies as well. Even freelance lawn care experts have found an increase in business with the help of this app.

On the whole, this could mark the beginning of a new era. This is where the people continuously use technology to address and solve all their day to day requirements. The On demand app-based businesses are surely marking a turning point in the evolution and synergy between humans and technology.

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