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GRE Vocabulary: How to Work on It?

GRE Vocabulary: How to Work on It?

Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a prestigious test and is helpful for students who want to study abroad. Here, if you are one of such students then you need to start working on your vocabulary right from this moment.

The point is often people work on their quant section and all but they hardly give attention to vocabulary. The GRE vocabulary is really hard and if you don’t work on it, you might end up with shallow results. It is important that you work on your vocabulary right from the moment you start your prep. There are ways that you can enhance your vocabulary for GRE and a few are like:

Try to Read Extensively 

It is the moment that you get into the habit of reading quality books, magazines, and even newspapers. Begin to pay attention to words you don’t know. You could be enchanted just to skip them (as usual), but it is the time that you properly train yourself to notice them, write them down, and even find out their meaning. The point is clear, the more you read, the better you would learn the words. Reading is one thing that is going to constantly add up words in your vocabulary. 

Be Friends with Dictionary 

It is the right time that you fall in love with dictionary because it is going to be your friend till the last. When you open up a dictionary, ensure that you don’t assume that the foremost definition is the only definition you require to know! The GRE most of the times measures secondary definitions, so make sure that you scan through all of them. Dictionary is one thing that is going to get you the meaning for all the words that are stranger to you. Once you make the most use of dictionary, you get the best learning.

Speak the Words Loudly 

It could be little funny for you to accept  it but it is the truth. You must speak the words loudly and only then you can ensure that you have rightly caught the meaning of the word. When you speak the words loudly, you understand them well. You would preserve them in your mind and hence, use them when the time comes. Maybe when you are making sentences by using the word, make sure that you speak it loudly. When you do it like that, it turns out to be really effective for you.

Make definitions to Understand 

As now you have learnt the dictionary’s definition of a new word, it is right time that you restate it in your own writing. You are going to discover it really easy to know the meaning of a word if you use it in your own sentence. When you make the sentences using the words in your own ways, you end up with the best outcomes. Your sentences turn out to be your own with the right usage of words. Once you make definitions by making use of the word, you end up with the best outcomes.


So, once you work on your vocabulary for GRE test, you can do really well at this test.  

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