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All about popular Garmin Devices and their major issues

All about popular Garmin Devices and their major issues

Garmin one of the leading companies have crossed its benchmark from its growth in shedding new updates and advanced devices by keeping in mind, the people’s need and demand. The GPS Garmin devices amazing features that a person rely on while he or she travels. Every update includes adding on features that make it easier and more comfortable for the customers.

Different Garmin GPS Map Updates Available

Well, if you have any kind of Garmin GPS device then you must know about its various map updates and its way of utility. Let’s get started-

gramin devices

Garmin Golf course Maps

  • It comes with free lifetime course update
  • Inculcates with more than 15000 courses
  • Notable annual fees charged for this feature
  • Updated via Garmin Express

Garmin Cycling Maps

  • Includes street maps and topo maps
  • Maps available for various regions like Canada, Europe, Newzerland, and others
  • Used for training, touring, etc

Garmin Outdoor Maps

  • Navigates you with latest map information
  • Used for hunting, hiking, fishing, etc
  • Choose correct format before purchasing

Marine charts

  • Shows waterways from small lakes to big oceans
  • Garmin device is compatible with almost every marine chart
  • Updated via Garmin express

Note– You needs to download and install Garmin Express Application.

Various Editions of Garmin devices

Have a look on two best products of Garmin that has been nominated as most wanted product in the market. Check it out-

Garmin Vivosmart Hr

  • It’s a sleek wrist band that displays steps, heart rate, calories, floors climbed and activity intensity.
  • Has feature to receive calls, texts, social media alerts, emails, and calendars.
  • Controls your music.
  • Becomes your mentor and reminds to stay active.

Warning- However, due to high technology and advanced feature, sometimes there arises some issues or say if the user uses the device harshly the device may show some negative or slow working.

Recently, customers are complaining about the frequent battery drainage problem. Users are saying that they charge the device full 100% but it gets drained out within 5 hours without any activity. In this case, you need to take help from expert via toll-free Garmin Support Number and explain the error in your device. If you are also facing such issue you may also take help from the expert team.

Garmin Vivosmart Hr Update

  • The Garmin Vivosmart Hr provides a 1-month free trial update.
  • Next user needs to purchase updates for further usage.

Garmin Nuvi

  • Navigation series with the dual-orientation display.
  • The real display and real voice feature
  • It has free lifetime update
  • Bluetooth Compatibility
  • Allows Smartphone Link
  • Shows Live Traffic

Steps to Update Garmin Nuvi

This guide also teaches you How to update your Garmin Nuvi device via Windows or Mac. Follow the flowchart step by step till the end. Let’s go:

  1. Open Garmin Express website in a new tab.
  2. Navigate and click on:
  • Download for Windows
  • (An option is given in blue color in the middle of the page.)
  • Garmin Express Setup file will prompt
  • Click to begin.
  • Download for Mac
  • (An option is given on middle of the page.)
  • Setup file will appear, click to start.

3. Install Garmin Express

  • For Windows:
  • Double-click on Set-up file
  • Follow the prompts on Install page
  • Click on, “I have read and agreed to terms and conditions”
  • Next, tap on Install
  • Lastly, click on ‘Yes’ when flashed.
  • For Mac
  • Open DMG file of Garmin Express
  • Try to verify software (if needed)
  • Hold and drag the Garmin Nuvi App onto Application folder.
  • Lastly, follow the prompts.

4. Attach your Garmin Nuvi device to Computer via USB cable.

5. Next, double-tap and open Garmin Express app.

6. Tap on ‘Get Started’ (a blue icon)

7. Click on Add Device, located on the upper-left corner of the window.

8. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

9. Click Install All on top of the window. (Update will start)

10. Wait until the update process is finished.

Helpdesk Centre

If you are searching Garmin Customer Service then here you can connect with our technical help center-

Via chat center

Try to go on our website and start live chat with the technical team. Give the background details of your concerned issue and your product. You will be replied instantly without any pause.

Via Telephonic Call

Have direct contact with the senior engineer present 24*7 for assistance. You will be guided with relevant solution and permanent fixes. Other than that, you can also ask additional questions. 

Via email

If not, try to send an email with the issue that is persistent to your Garmin device. You will be reverted with all technical information that you can follow.

The helpdesk is available 24*7 for all Garmin customers. Contact Us.

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