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Google Trends and Insights for Search Become One Mobile-Friendly Service

Google Trends and Insights for Search Become One Mobile-Friendly Service

If you are part of the new generation tech-driven online entrepreneur, then you would have surely come across Google Trends–Insights search. Did you know that Google Trends and Google Insights were different tools in the past but were merged together? Let us find all about this merger and how it benefited the online user.

The most popular tool for searching trending topics online is Google Trends and the most used tool to compare popular search words is Google Insights. Both the tools have been combined together into a single tool to give the user a better advantage for world-wide keyword searches. The merger became more interesting when Google incorporated the HTML5 interface for charts and maps. This fresh approach helped users to actively pursue their searches and data charts from the mobile devices.

Merger objective

The objective of this merger was to present the user with world’s view of the trending topics and global keywords. This actively helped e-commerce and other professions to expand their business into global markets. Incorporating global keywords gave their businesses better visibility and increased the traffic flow. If you want to see how your keywords are making an impact on your business, just use Google Trends–Insights tool to see how the target audience is reacting to the keywords.

In short, we can say that it is an effective SEO and marketing tool for online businesses. Before incorporating keywords, check for popular and trending keywords related to your market and add them to your pages. This allows more users to view your content or products. Keyword selection is a big priority for online businesses even today as visibility is solely based on them. Such critical information about trending keywords can be obtained from Google Trends–Insights.

Google Insights and Google Trends merger was just a practical choice since both tools are directed toward providing the popular keyword search results and data. Prior to the merger, Google Trends was not so much used by the online marketers. They were more concerned about the insights on the latest market. The combined tool is now appealing all sections of the online users.

Benefits of the Google Trends–Insights

The merger of Google insights and trends will now give the e-marketers a clear view of world trends and make it simpler to search for trending products. The merger will basically save more time for market researchers by providing required data at one single place. It will improve the efficiency of the search by helping them to compare various keywords at a single place. Also, how their trending has changed over the years.

Mobile users as the updated new version are based on HTML5 for maps and tools. All the charts and maps will now download and load faster on mobile devices just like the desktop users. This helps a lot of mobile-marketers and users to conduct their job faster. The tool will be a great resource for bloggers, journalists, and professionals who work from mobile on a daily basis.

A tool will give search results based on broad geographical searches instead of limiting to a region. The trending information and background data for the search keyword generated are higher and precise than before the merger. Though the results for search now include only specific countries, the future is bright for globalized results.

How to use the merged Google Trends – Insights

Google Trends and Insights were practical tools for online marketers to understand the pulse of the audience. It helped them to understand how the audience searched for specific product or service and which parameters are blocking their business growth. Now, the merger of both Google Trends and Insights made it easy for the marketers to search all the growing trends in different countries and the most used keyword searches with one single tool. In case you are wondering how to use Google Trends–Insights search to help your business, we can provide you a few ideas as to how and where to use this tool.

Use the Google tool to find the brand popularity or popular brands in the current season or year. Data is given out by the Google Trends and such information is useful for brands to update their marketing techniques. The keyword searches vary with seasons and occasions in different regions. Use the Google tool to find out the trending search for the season. It predicts which product or service is likely to be a hit. Exploit this data to start a marketing campaign and attract the target audience.

As an online marketer, you need to have an understanding of the trending products. This helps you to stock more trending merchandise and plan out a sale for the other products to clear the unused stock. Google trends can help by showing which products are going out of style and which are most appealed right now in the market. E-commerce businessmen always need to be in rapport with the likes of the audience. Before naming a product or service, ask Google Trends for the most preferred name to be a market hit.


Millions of people from news article writers are using the Google Trends–Insights tool to find the popular and trending searches. The tool also provides data charts based on region. It means how the product or keyword is trending in popularity in different regions. The tool also gives suggestions for the keyword-based marketing campaigns. Better keywords are suggested by Google trends which can be used in content or headlines or business names. The data obtained from the tool is used for writing news articles, weather reports, and scientific research reports, predict outbreak if diseases based on the keyword searches by the users. If any of the users try to search using Google Insights they will simply be redirected to the merged Google Trends page to carry their queries.

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