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The parameters on which Google ranks your website

The parameters on which Google ranks your website

SEO consultants usually get questioned by clients as to why their website is not getting ranked on top of SERPs even after the complete SEO process. Well for starters the job of any SEO agency is to optimize the website as per the guideline provided by Google where no professional SEO agency would guarantee top rank on search queries, which is simply not in the power of any SEO professional or agency.

Ranking is solely done by Google itself where a website is required to adhere to the parameters set by the search engine. This means you cannot rank your website solely on the basis of website SEO, the UI and UX of your website are a big ranking factor meaning that the design and development must adhere to the SEO parameters set by Google.

It is not just about building a website but building a SEO friendly website.

What are the factors on which Google rank websites?

Yes, SEO services play a big part in the ranking of any website but then again SEO is just another factor to rank your website. The biggest ranking factor of any website is user retention, if your website is not retaining users who visit your website then it will fail to rank on most search queries.

Your question must be how you can retain users who visit your website; you will get the right increase in traffic flow with SEO and even then, you might fail to rank because it is not just about driving traffic.

There are number of factors through which you can keep hold of the webs traffic you are driving to your website.

Website design matters and must be on point

SEO services are all about enhancing the experience of user on your website. The first thing a user comes across your website is the design of the website, this is the first place where you have to capture the attention of the user.

You must understand that your website design is a part of your SEO. Your website design must be attractive but that does not mean you can afford your website to load slow. Responsiveness of website and its design on mobile devices is a must, it must load quickly on every device and the quality of design should remain the same on every device.

Since the use of mobile devices has increased Google has focused its attention more on mobile responsiveness and it has become a major ranking factor.

Relevant and informative web content

Moving on from the design of your website a user’s attention has to be captured by the quality of the content. The content on your home page and inner pages must have relevant information with respect to the services or products you are offering. Also the relevancy must be coupled with information; whatever you are talking about, you must add the right amount of information which not only helps the user but also keeps him engaged.

You cannot afford to bore the user, use info graphics and videos in your content to attract the attention of user.


The ranking of your website depends on whether Google likes your website or not and the liking of Google depends on whether the user who visits your website finds it engaging or not. If the UI and UX of your website are top-notch, then chances of your website getting ranked on SERPs increases significantly.

You have to make sure website visitors are having a great browsing experience on your website, you can certainly increase that through proper website development and design and coupling that with great content.

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