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5 Google Analytics Reports for Ecommerce Businesses

5 Google Analytics Reports for Ecommerce Businesses

As an ecommerce business you are going to want to know what some of the top Google Analytics reports that you can use are. These are often used by the digital marketing company and their experts to see where changes need to be made and you should be aware of which ones to use like demographics, mobile device, speed page and much more. Keep reading to find out more about which reports you need to make sure you are using for your ecommerce business.

Google Analytic Reports to Use

No matter if you are doing the work yourself or if you are hiring a digital marketing company to help you need to know what reports you can get from Google Analytics. There are so many that you want to make sure that you are using since they can make a huge impact on your business and how much you are selling. Some of the top reports to make sure that you are aware of and checking regularly includes:


You are always going to want to see what demographics are coming to your website, but this doesn’t always prove to be correct. This is due to others using devices that belong to others who are outside of your bracket, but you need to know who the audience that you are reaching is and how your message and content appeals to them. This information can be seen by going to Audience – Demographics – Age and you can see how the engagement and traffic metrics vary in the various age groups that you have established.

Browser and screen resolution

Problems with conversion are often related to some usability issues and your site doesn’t need to be broken to have one. This means that a random or innocent design bug can have a major impact on your conversion rates. There are so many different types of devices, screen sizes and browsers that you might be having usability and engagement problems without even knowing it. Make sure you are going to Audience – Technology – Browser & OS to find the data that is vital.

Mobile overview

There is a main reason that desktop and mobile segments are split and that is because mobile is a larger share of all online traffic. This is the most commonly used method for researching any purchases and even just browsing through the web. This report would show acquisition and data regarding the shoppers that are coming to the site by mobile devices. You can reach this report by going to Audience – Mobile – Overview and then seeing the number of conversions by mobile and desktop users.

Site speed page timings

The site speed of any ecommerce site is a major factor when it comes to conversions, especially for those using mobile phones. Having a site waiting to load for a long time, or having a cart take a long time to populate or even long times for checkouts would force them to go somewhere else. You can see how fast your site is loading by going to Behavior – Site speed – Page timings – DOM timings and then the appropriate data. This can also help you to know where you can speed things up for more conversions.

Goal flow

This report is where you can see everything a customer is doing, including their visitor path. This is very easy to see because the format allows you to understand the flow of the pages easier and you can get pageview numbers and much more here. To get to this report go to Conversions – Goals – Goal flow so you can see just what your users are doing on the pages and where they are going. This would let you see everything that the customers are doing, including what pages they are visiting, products they are purchasing and even if they go back to any pages.

You need to make sure that you are thinking about the various reports that any digital marketing company would be using from Google Analytics. This can help any ecommerce site find the areas where there are problems and even where changes could be made to increase their sales and conversions, so go ahead and check them out. If you know where the problems are, then you can solve it easier and faster than if you weren’t aware.

There is a lot that you should make sure that you are considering when it comes to your ecommerce site, especially if you want to grow it faster. The more you know about the reports that you can use from Google Analytics, then the easier it would be for you to get the information that is needed. Any digital marketing company would use these as well, so make sure that you are checking out the information about the page loading speed, goal flows, usability and much more.

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