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5 Best Alternatives To Google Alerts That You Can Prefer For Reputation Management

5 Best Alternatives To Google Alerts That You Can Prefer For Reputation Management

Why keeping your online reputation management process confined to Google Alerts, when you have multiple other tools to accomplish your needs?

So true!

Google Alerts doesn’t bring a one-stop reputation management solution to the business. It possesses limited features and so generates a lower performance rate. However, when it comes to web reputation management, you can definitely get out of your comfort zone and find some more relevant software and adapt its features.

Let’s talk about the alternatives to Google Alerts that can benefit your business.  

5 Alternatives to Google Alerts you can prefer for your reputation management

1. Mention: Mention is considered the best alternative to Google Alerts. Its amazing features have left everyone stunned, especially the marketers who used to prefer Google sponsored tools.

 Mention entered into the picture when Google Alerts is failing in its job. The tool is specialized in monitoring social networks, news sites, blogs, forums, and websites. Like other tools, it also has the option of setting alerts by registering with email. You will receive an alert or notification on your email whenever an activity is sensed around your brand.

 Mention allows users to explore their analytics. The report includes a number of mentions, sentiment analysis, location, languages, social media networks, number of influencers, and many more.

The tool has a Boolean search option and gives access to historic data and API. It is not a free tool but you can definitely go for a free trial for 14-days.

2. Awario: Next alternative you can prefer is Awario. It is termed as the reputation management partner of every business looking for social media monitoring, sentiment analysis, and real-time searches.

Awario crawls the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, explore the review generating sites, forums, blogs, webpages, and news sites to analyze the activities and monitor the performance.

The tool gathers information related to mentions and accumulates them on the dashboard. You can easily view the dashboard to get your hands-on reviews, brand mentions, social media, and other platforms. The best thing about this tool is you can filter your searches based on languages, locations, gender, and many more.

Go for a 14-day trial and find whether the tool is appropriate for you or not.

3. Talkwalker: Talkwalker is of two types – one is the free tool named Talkwalker Alerts, second is the paid Talkwalker. Often we find users switch from Talkwalker Alerts to Talkwalker just to update the reputation management process with more features.

Talkwalker is mainly designed for large enterprises and agencies. It takes care of everything – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, news sites, forums, blogs, Pinterest, Flicker, web pages, TV, and print. No matter where you promote your brand, the tool keeps an eye on all your moves.

 Other than monitoring mentions, Talkwalker is even noted for its image recognition feature. It can determine images, search for your logo, and analyze them properly. Its extensive analytics allow users to filter out the results by demographics, occupation, and interests.

With Talkwalker, you can gain knowledge about trending topics and a competitive market. It generates the topics around the industry, highlights the one with hashtags, and also find niche influencers. 

4. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a one-stop platform for publishing, collaborating, and monitoring. If you have a limited budget, you can surely head on to Hootsuite. The tool is known for monitoring social media platforms based on multiple filter options.

 The collaboration features accompanied by this tool include organizing mentions, assigning them to your employees, and assessing them to build analytics. Well, Hootsuite is not free to use like Google Alerts. However, the best thing that makes it more significant is its 30-days free trial access.

You can easily get this tool and try it out once for 30 days and then make your decision.

5. Brandwatch: Brandwatch, as the name signifies, is a tool that keeps a tab on and around the brand. No matter where you market your products or services, it crawls online and figures out the performance metrics.

Brandwatch is an exclusively designed brand monitoring tool that consists of three in-build tools. These include Brandwatch Analytics, Brandwatch Audience, Brandwatch Vizia.

 Brandwatch Analytics is responsible for monitoring social networks, news sites, blogs, forums, web pages, third party sites, review generating sites, comment sections, and so on. It analyzes the performance of the brand based on demographics and reveals the brand’s growth, industry trends, and the audience’s sentiment.

Brandwatch Vizia is responsible for visualizing the data and assisting the user to make any business decision in the right way. No doubt, it is the right tool to fetch when you are worried about your online reputation and targeted audience’s behavior.

The Bottom Line

Google Alerts is not enough. You have to think about other tools if you are serious about monitoring and managing your business reputation online. Well, it’s true that with Google Alerts you don’t have to think about your budget, but for a better scope, you have to look for other alternatives.

The online reputation management cost range is not expensive. But you have to be smart enough to pick the most effective tools to serve your purpose.

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